Uncovered a bug with booster in Shadow Lords

Im 99% sure I’ve uncovered a bug that involves the xp booster and Shadow Lords. I currently have a booster active. Yesterday I had a team going with Maya as Captain, Fulgore and Shadow Jago. Occasionally, Maya received LESS XP than Fulgore and Jago, even though she was much lower lvl than them. It’s as if the booster doesn’t register. Since I spent money to buy the gold I needed to activate the booster, this annoyed me quite a lot. I started a new run today and this time I put Shin Hisako as the Captain, then Maya and Shadow Jago.

This time, Shin Hisako sometimes receives less xp. She’s very low level, so she should be racking up those xp bars. Maya and Shadow Jago receives the correct xp. It seems that whoever you put in the Captain spot is affected. I play on steam, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. It also seems that it only happens in Shadow Lords, not anywhere else. But I would very much like a fix for this, or at least that someone investigates. And tbh I would also kind of like a refund, since I payed for this booster and it’s not working as intended right now.

Huh…odd. Would you care to elaborate more on what’s going on when they get less XP than expected? XP is based on your match performance…combos, breakers, defense, style, etc. It’s not just a simple “I beat this guy, I get X amount of XP”, and then boosters are simply a 2x multiplier on top of your performance. It could be simply that with Shadow Lords buffs & such even if your character is doing well in a match it could be over so quickly it’s not giving the system enough info to rack up points.

Would consumables play a part in this? For example the system awards xp for combo breakers, but if you have the ram guardian that gives you breakers for free would the system still count it? If the system gives XP for earning shadow meter, would you still get that reward if your using a battle stem pack that generates shadow meter just for landing anything?

I realize that my explanation was flawed. I need to be way more specific. What’s actually happening is this:

  • After the match is over, experience is counted, the various boosters that increase XP is added
  • The total xp is shown and added to the hero
  • The bar moves based on the xp gained and the current level

Now I presume that low level means less xp needed to increase level. Since I played this game a lot over just a two months, I’ve trained my eye to see what makes sense when it comes to how much the bar should move. A lvl 42 Shadow Jago receives 5000 xp, a lvl 5 Maya receives 5000 xp - the bar moves a LOT more on Maya.

The issue I’m having is that sometimes, the bar moves almost not at all. It’s like the booster is ignored, even though it was added and displayed. Im 100% sure it’s not just something I’m making up. The bar should move a LOT more than that when you get 5-6k XP and your level is very low. It moves about 4/10 of what it should sometimes. It’s bloody annoying. It might be a server issue, regardless, I hope to have it fixed asap.

There’s a small issue with watching the bar itself move, characters you’ve not played, earn fight titles and other character specific XP for challenges, preforming moves, manuals, throws, ultras and overheads to name a few. If you’ve obtained any of them or multiple of them in a match, for some reason it makes the bar move less than it should but the exp is calculated normally. This has been around since the UI first changed early Season 2, 2 years ago or so. I can assure you your exp is not tallied incorrectly :wink: I leveled every single character in the game to 50, I watched that bar fill almost 1,500 times. I would call myself a self certified expert. If your character needed say, 4,000 exp to level up, and you got 3500 in fight challenges, the bar would have already moved to compensate for the 3,500 in challenges and it seems to credit for what has happened in the match so far, so if you get fight titles and challenges during the end of a match, the bar will move very little and if you got none the bar would move for the entire matches amount.


If what you say is true, that explains it. Thanks.