Uncharted 4 is going to be ridiculous

Yes it is! I cant wait for this one either!

i got the feeling that drake is gonna catch a bullet he wont get back up from at the end of this one, or some kind of death. very hyped for this one!

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Agreed! His brother is gonna drag him down and he is gonna loose the girl, the best friend, the business…everything…all for what? lousy adventure!!! phhpphhh! LOL

id love to go on an adventure like that, go to a far off place and hunt for a treasure while dodging bad guys. but then im gonna change my mind once i start getting shot at or having to climb cliffsides with crumbling ledges and getting tossed around LOL


Me too! But Im down for the hallucinogen he takes in Uncharted 3!!! lol

I’d be down for that, but leave me unarmed and away from ppl LOL

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I used to play MK2 and KI tripping on some acid called “Masters of the Universe”…man it was super strong…like exactly how it looks in Uncharted when he drinks the water. I called it Angel of Death because all of a sudden I couldn’t get the Slayer song angel of death out of my head and the wind started blowing and i ran back in to the house only to find the back door locked…it was scary for a moment lol

Ill never forget that night!!!

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never done any kind of acid before, just peyote and mushrooms rofl. my room looked like it had carpet colored quicksand and the walls were running like water. so i put my headphones on and would listen to kidneythieves Trickster album and trip the hell out, especially on the title track “trickster”. man talk about goin off on a visual day dream (or night since it was after dark?) lol

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Yep! you described it exactly how it looks! Shrooms, god acid…its all does the same thing!

My yard was covered in pine straw and it looked like a field of live craw fish!!! OMG it was a trip!

Carpet and outdoor walls with that mildew on it…runs like a melted candle waterfall!

i dont have PS4 and ive never played uncharted…

im not sure! this looks SO awesome but can i really buy a console for a couple of 100 hours play?

that Savannah tho!!! OMG

they have all of the uncharted games in 1 package for about $60. if you have never played any of them, i HIGHLY recommend them! modern day indiana jones adventure! you will love them if you’re into that kinda thing! and on that note for @FallofSeraphs76



Its the Male version of the new tomb raider…almost identical in game play…except Tomb raider has crafting, skill points and weapon upgrades. Uncharted doesn’t have that…you just pick up bigger guns as you go along and there are no skill points

I played Rise of the TOmb Raider and Uncharted 3 at the same time alternating between them and I enjoyed them both… but TOmb R is better IMO

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I used to get awesome X tabs that made you hallucinate too…oh man those were the days my friend…Mercurial was playing shows every other week…we had a ton of groupies at every show, and 10 packs of Blue dolphins or purple keys (X tabs)…pop one before we went on stage and it was like I was playing in front of 10,000 people at Madison square garden dude! We were awesome…for real… Imagine Death, Morbid Angel, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse and Dimmu Borgir all wrapped into one…with the solos of Symphony X!


I’m going to skip 4, I never finished 3, never installed the re-masted version that came with my PS4, and I absolutely hated The Last Of Us. o.O

My interpretations of the games would be this.

Uncharted 1 - Decent game play, horrible story.

Uncharted 2 - Watered down game play, better story.

Uncharted 3 - â– â– â– â– â– â–  gameplay, â– â– â– â– â– â–  design, â– â– â– â– â– â–  story.

The Last Of Us - Everything wrong with Uncharted 3 with a 3x â– â– â– â–  factor added to the equation.

I can’t even remember the last time I played a PS exclusive that wasn’t over-hyped and mediocre at best.

Coincidentally, if anyone living in the US wants a free copy of the Uncharted collectors edition for PS4, still wrapped in cellophane , send me a note… you can have it for free.

Dude!!! The remastered Uncharted 3 was awesome!!! I played it first , I haven’t played 2…I started 1 after 3 but it felt like the exact same game so I didnt get far before i moved on to Rise of the tomb raider.

Give the remastered 3 another chance trust me!

*** you can trade Uncharted remastered series in for 28$ at game stop!

No I can’t trade - sell it anywhere , it’s the version packaged with the PS4… it says “Cannot Be Resold” where there should be a bar-code.

I have the same copy! Mine doesn’t say that…it can be traded in…its a used game. Even thought e seal is unbroken its considered a used game…hellll just open it and you will still get the same trade in amount! trust me!!!

Look it up on game stop website and see how much they will give you…it was 28$ 2 months ago.

I don’t even have a PS4, and never had a PS3, but I’ve watched all the Uncharteds via YT let’s plays. The only reason I’m looking forward to Uncharted 4 is for that reason; so that I can watch it. Lol!

the story goes through all 4 games so its best to know the story line all the way through to understand most parts between the characters. This will be important in UC 4 since the bond between Jake, Sully, his wife, and his brother are all going to come to a conclusion!