Back grab

Quarter circle forward lp

Back + HP

Release it on time to meaty

Unblockable (as far as my tests have concluded)

This can be avoided, it’s just really tricky without a projectile invincible move

How did you test this?

I whent into training mode, recorded the setup and made sure it meatied first by holding up on wake up (if I was hit on the ground it is a true meaty) then I tried to block it and I couldn’t. It’s also +30 injured btw so you can follow up with HP

I’m confused.

Tusk has no QCF+P special move.

…and his back throw puts the opponent too far away to hit with just about anything unless you charge forward with his QCF+K.

Furthermore, even if he did have a QCF+P move that did as you say, and you could follow it up with b+HP into a potential s.HP followup, wouldn’t that make it throw into opener, into manual, into reset? If so, that would make it breakable on the manual (with good timing, of course, as with all manuals).

Please show me the clip, so I can see what the heck it is you’re actually talking about.

Sorry yah I mean qcf+k

Back throw knocks the opponent down far away, so you use qcf-LK to give tusk a quick forwards dash. You meaty the back + HP attack, which means that they are knocked down (from the throw) and the frame that their hurt box pops back in (the opponents hurt box disappears when they get knocked down) the hitbox from your attack is active. That means that they are either forced to block or use an attack with invincibility. If they do anything else they will get hit. So by meaty-ing back + HP it doesn’t combo and do they can’t combo break it. It’s a single hit and so you can shadow counter it. It’s a meaty and so you can’t jump out of it. Its unblockable and so you can’t block it. You can use a move with invincibility to escape.

It doesn’t work for me in the lab - they get up long before the full charge occurs, so it’s NOT unblockable, and they can still have the opportunity to counter-hit you with a fast attack of their own.

You don’t release it at its full charge. For whatever reason when I tested it if you release it early you still cannot block it. I’ll make a clip later today

Well, if it’s unblockable before the actual full charge, then that’s a bug and should be reported as such, I think.

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After a Back throw you can just take a small step forward to put Tusk in range of a fully sharged B+HP. You don’t need to use Immortal Spirit and it only costs you charging time.
After a Forward throw you’re already in range and can just start charging.

Both can achieve the unblockable as a meaty and are spaced at max range, so the only characters I can see punishing this are with projectile invincible travel moves like Shadow Wind Kick, etc.

This move also counts as an opener, and any follow up is breakable.