Unable to Resync DLC Content (Xbox One) [Solved]

I do not know why but each time I try to play KI, the game can’t Resync with any DLC I’ve ever bought!

How can this problem be easily solved?

I have dealt with this and worse back in 2015. Let me see if I can take a whack at it.

Troubleshooting tips: (Make sure you set your gamertag to your home Xbox)

  1. Uninstall all the DLC and reinstall it. (Once complete, disconnect from your Wi-fi)
  2. Perform a cold hard reboot of your Xbox One. (Wait for 3 minutes)
  3. Turn the Xbox One back on and reconnect to your Wi-fi.
  4. Launch Killer Instinct and let the DLC sync. (If this does not work, BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL KI FROM YOUR XBOX ONE, contact Xbox One support and send a message to Iron Galaxy Studios)
  5. Once the DLC syncs, select your cloud saved data and this should fix the issue.

I pray that this works. Nobody should have to go through this after spending their hard earned cash on a product.

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It worked for me. Problem Solved.

Captain Falcon: YES!

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