Unable to play private Multiplayer match with Friend on Windows 10

Hi all,

A Friend and I are trying to play a Private match on PC, the Windows Store version to be precise, but we’re not having any luck.

I’ve tried creating a Private Lobby, and he was only able to join it once, but once we got to the Character Select screen, it kicked him (but told him I left as well).

He can receive my Invites, but it usually tells him “Unable to start multiplayer match.” I tried going to Exhibition and inviting him there, and same deal. Tried with a Public Lobby, and he wasn’t able to Join.

He tried Inviting me, but nothing would happen when I accepted, no error message or anything.

So my question is, how exactly does one play a Private multiplayer match on PC?

For my own part, I’m launching Killer Instinct via the Xbox (Beta) App, and communicating with my Friend via text via Xbox Game Bar. I’m sending Invites from within the game itself. My NAT is “Open,” and my Server Connectivity is “Connected.”

I have Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, and I’m not sure which version he has, but he’s not using the free-to-play or Game Pass version, he does own the game.