Unable to connect to dlc servers, unable to play MP

issue: the program seems to not detect any network connection whatsoever. cant sync dlc content, cant access leaderboards or play online. my network connection is working fine.

steps taken:
-fixed the xbox app teredo thing, the xbone app shows connected now.
-changed dns from google’s to my provider.
-changed steam’s download region to vancouver and texas.
-verified steam cache.
-tried two different network connections (wifi)
-checked the xbox services on the services panel.

all is useless. its as if the computer was completely offline.

I’ve been having the same issues for the last few days. I’m also randomly getting errors when going to into Ranked or any Online versus mode. I get an error that I’m not connected to Xbox Live and then it allows me to go into Ranked, but searches indefinitely.

If I close KI and reboot it will start to work.

same “unable to resync dlc content”

I to have some problem

I thought the Steam version was independent of the Xbox App/Teredo thing. :thinking:

it is.