Unable to buy season 2 combo breaker add on

Hi guys, wondering if you can help. Decided to jump back in to KI but only interested in season 2. Is there a way to buy the combo bundle still for 20? It looks like its only available with season 1 for 30, which i already have.

At this time, there is no S2 standalone package.


Thanks for confirming. Thats dissapointing. They should at least cater for people who have season 1 already rather than just locking them out by demanding they repurchase content. :frowning:

I know, right?! It used to be available and now it’s not. I don’t know why…

The reasoning Rukari mentioned (IIRC) was that they wanted to prevent confusion with the number of packs on offer at the start of S3, which is fair enough given the multitude of questions about cross-buy and “which edition should I purchase” that popped up

Hopefully they do manage to make it available again after season 3 simmers down then. Ill just wait until they do. Thanks guys!