Unable lo play KI on X1

Since yesterday I have been unable to play KI on my X1, before the update was was out I was re-installing the game but while I wait for the game to download, it says I can play it while it’s installing, so I did, but after the menu screen where it says “checking for downloadable content” it crashes and so I think since it’s still installing that’s why it crashed, but after it installed it keeps crashing after the menu screen, I tried restarting the xbox, un-installing the game and re-installing it and it still keeps crashing at the same place, I PREORDERED THE ULTRA EDITION and I still haven’t got pass the menu screen, please fix this issue!!!

I had the same issue, spent a whole day reinstalling the game. I preordered the ultra edition as well. It gets to checking DLC then buzzes really loudly and crashes right? Probably the same problem as me. Be prepared to possibly lose ALL of your data. That’s what happened to me. Already sent my email to IG hoping they can do something…

Oh no man… I’ve been playing it since day one you mean I have to restart all or my characters ranks, my profile rank and achievements?

And all of my fights!?!? I had like 1,500 wins in ranked!

@rukizzel Please help!

You don’t have your cloud backup?

The game could never load my cloud backup. It just decided to void it. Now there is nothing. I don’t know what happened, but the update triggered something which my only assumption is that it corrupted my cloud backup to the point where it couldn’t be salvaged.

I hope that doesn’t happen but, all of my data is gone. All 40,000+ matches overall. My account is now basically as if I never played. I recorded a game clip the night before launch working on Fulgore stuff, 10 hours roughly of trying to get the update to stick I was greeted to finally getting it to launch with 0 backup data. All gone. This is specifically the reason I always hated the idea of cloud backup no solid save too. I have no control over the cloud file, if something happens to it, I’m screwed. At least a solid file, I can store on an external and always have it.

Clip I made 1 day ago, have level 50 Fulgore and 15 others level 50, Kan-Ra was level 17 and Omen was level 31.

Here is what my account looks like now…

So I have to delete my game file!?!?

No, don’t delete your file. I didn’t delete mine. It just got corrupted or something and poofed on it’s own because of the update and it’s issues. So don’t delete, don’t try to load, just wait for a fix.