Umm Omen's Intro

So with Gargos coming,will Omen still say “Bow before the herald of Gargos”? It wouldn’t make sense.


It would be funny if he said to Gargos “Bow before your own herald.”


Well, Omen is still the Herald, Unless his title changes they probably won’t change his intro.

So Gargos bows before his Herald?

Probably not, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Well when gargos comes out ask him. Be like “So gargos…I hear you like to bow to your herald. Is this true?”

And if he doesn’t destroy you then you know he’s cool with it.


I just want omen to do what gargos says…can’t be pissing off the master chef based gargoyle now.

What’ll happen is Gargos will be like “da fuq?” and the match auto wins for the Gargos player.


“Bow before the herald of Omen.”

Aria has been telling fulgore and cinder to evolve or Die the choice is yours, even when she already evolved them

they’ve teased at his backstory he’ll become something else. If its shadow Eyedol that’s gonna be great.

He could say “Weak vessel do u think u stand a chance Against The shadow god”