Ultratech Orchid (along the lines of 'Shadow Orchid')

Since Orchid hates Ultratech so much, I figure making an evil version of her should directly tie in to that. Maybe she started off normal, but as she infiltrated and almost dismantled Ultratech, she got corrupted in the Pinnacle, and instead absorbed the knowledge and authority of Aria’s creator. Then she flips and carries on the mantle of Ultratech for all sinister-but-good purposes. Then she has some cybernetic enhancements and proudly shows them off. And so does her cats.

At this point in the KI, I imagine they’ve already designed the characters we’re gonna see anytime soon, but just wanted to throw it out there anyway, one could hope


That would be much cooler than recycling the Shadow character thing IMO, it would also keep Shago unique. I could picture something like that, or Orchid gets captured while in the pinnacle, ARIA is intrigued by her ability to summon the firecat and her gma’s connection to that project she participated in, and maybe brainwashes or finds a way to control her, while “enhancing” her in the process lol


I could see her being more outclassed than she thought she’d be (as in Aria’s ending). then when Gargos arrives, she freaks out. Aria was right all along. She looks at how much better TJ is w Ultratech implants, and decides to call a truce and spend some time with Aria. Now she ‘sees the light’ and it’s all Ultratech from there as Aria easily convinces her

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No - I don’t want duplicate characters. Give me something original! :expressionless:

I’d hope the developers considered a new outfit option for her as maybe that’s easier than crafting a new rig, maybe that’s planned for season 4-

I’m ready to see what shadow lords means for Orchid and her character

If Orchid did get an alternative version I’d like to see her fight with her tonfa from KI2.

I’d rather see a “Savage Maya” though. She’s got more reason to have an alt I think, but that’s for another topic.

The tonfas were conceptualized for orchid & featured in the ultra fan book for season one-

they dropped the idea. The only remaining evidence is in the cheerleader weapon that goes with color 6 retro

It should be in your orchid concept art photos on the game

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Hmm the idea of her using tonfas in this theoretical alternative version is interesting but her moves would have to be very different. It would probably just make me want a new character to fill this roll instead.

Though I did have an idea about Roxy Rave filling this roll, being cloned from Orchid (Aria found the firecats to be interesting) had Orchid used the tonfas this time around Roxy would use the batons and have the ability to make them into a staff, like Nightwing.