Ultratech (Killer Instinct) VS Shadoloo (Street Fighter)

the 3 big evil corporations in fighting games having a all out brawl with their most valuable assets

Shadoloo: the evil corporation run by M.bison
Ultratech: the mega corporation run by ARIA

So here are the combatants who will be in this fight

the 12 dolls (Minus Cammy) - Often beaten (minus decapre, juni and juli) and not very powerful
12 fulgore units (Mk2) - Easily defeated and rubbish in comparison to the true fulgore

Balrog (JP:Mike Bison) - Dirty boxer who cheats but able to kill and elephant in one punch
Riptor - Fast, deadly but usually travels in a pack rather than by herself

Claw Characters:
Fulgore Mk3 (Eagle) - Possibly Ultratechs strongest fighter and has never lost a fight
Vega (JP:Balrog) - *Agile, fast but majorly narcissistic and rude

Second in command
Sagat - Rival to Ryu and almost defeated him in the first tournament (after ryu cheap shotted him)
Cinder - Right hand man to ARIA and has fire powers

Female role
Cammy - Although against bison after alpha she was still part of shadoloo and is his clone
Sadira - hired by ARIA as her top assassin and previous second in command

ARIA - Has the ability to swap bodies as she pleases and is extreamly inteligent but has been defeated many times
M.Bison (JP:Vega) - Wields Psycho power and can also swap bodies and has defeated Ryu, Akuma (only in alpha), Seth, Chun-Li, Rose (she beat once him before but he was not harmed) and others.

Lets keep Bias to a minimum and I will have conclusive results soon

I thought you meant company v company. As seen who would win financially to which I would have said Ultratech seeing as how in the world of KI companies pull the strings of the world and am guessing Ultra Tech is a mega rich corporation with all of its inventions.

I did say they would have an all out brawl with their most valuable assets

I say Ultratech, because any company that gets beat singlehandedly by a Japanese man in a GI, just needs to stop. LOL and it’s not one time. Multiple times. M. Bison just doesn’t learn…\

Ultratech. Enough said

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HA HA you think Ryu brough down shadoloo…please do your research it was the explosion of the Psycho drive by Guile, Chun and Nash…and it still comes back

Also Ryu never beat bison 1 on 1 So…

Ultratech got screwed by a black guy and a chick…

Umm…Ok. But Still. Ultratech has more resources.

I know I never said they didn’t

Generic Fulgore’s are better than generic Dolls. The Dolls get eliminated.

FYI: a company of Fulgore MK2 units was instrumental in taking down Maya and all her order plus Jago, TJ, and Orchid. Not sure if the Dolls have ever done anything of note.

I’m not sure. Even a pack of Riptors (I’m thinking 3) might not be enough. I think I may give this to Balrog.

Fulgore MK3 kills Vega. I don’t even think Vega will do any major damage to him.

Hmmm…I think Cinder takes this at the end of the day, but I definitely don’t think Sagat will just roll over and loose. Sagat out powers Cinder by a lot in my opinion, but Cinder just has way more options.

Another close match IMO…and I honestly don’t know who would win. Cammy I think is the best of all the Dolls, and Sadira is the leader of her own assassin group. Both are high ranking persons in the respective organizations that conscripted them, so it could go either way if you ask me.

I think Bison beats ARIA. ARIA, IMO, would underestimate Bison just like she did Hisako, and thus would loose. I think ARIA just generally underestimates humanity, thus she would be blind sided by Bison’s psycho power. Beyond that though, even if she went all out, I still think Bison would take her.

I also think the fulgores might win but its like 55/45 since many Fulgore’s got beat by T.J and Orchid but at the same time all the dolls got beat by Juri minus Decapre…Decapre has Psycho power blades and juni and juli have some form of Psycho power so yeah Fulgores would win but decapre would be the most deadly on her own. Also the fulgores were assisted by Riptors which were considered better since they tore a group of them apart.

Yeah Balrog did kill a fully grown elephant in a punch so a Riptor or 2 wouldn’t be hassle, also he fights dirty

Yeah any day…I like Vega but fulgore would tear him apart

I think it depends on how sagat is…If Sagat like how he was in alpha where he was still upset over losing to Ryu then Cinder would make short work of him since Adon also beat him. But if it was SF4 like Sagat where he is back to normal Sagat being as big and hulking as he is, itwould be tough for cinder to take him down and Sagat would not hold back…but in a overall if it was a mix of sagats emotions then Cinder would win in the end

Cammy is very strong since she has beaten Vega but she got absolutly wrecked by C.Viper (like it was bad) and Juri, she is also not much of a planner and just goes in hot headed. I think Sadira may be weaker but she seems like if she plays her cards right she would beat cammy…so yeah 50/50 for me but more Sadira

Both can switch bodies as they please but yeah Psycho power in increadibly powerful (was akin to the satsui no hado stated by Ryu) and ARIA was defeated by T.J and Hisako where as Bison in a 1 on 1 fight has lost to only Rose in alpha 2 but he apparently wasn’t even harmed and he beats her in Alpha 3 and almost kills her in 4. ARIA has tech but bison has something on the lines of magic/sourcery (part of the dark arts) and that is probs stronger

Big thing is though Ultratech has more…Like a lot more so if there were no limits on who can fight shadoloo would fall but Bison would not die…So shadoloo forces will fall but Ultratech will lose their leader and a big portion of thier army at the hand of mainly bison (since he cannot technically die)…If we included seth (and the others seths) + Birdie, ultratech would be destroyed (birdie is formidable)

Shin Bison would pretty much destroy the HQ in a psycho crusher though

In concluion
Ultratech has more
But Shadoloo has a Unkillable leader ( Bison)

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You and I are on the same page. Ultra-tech could over run Shadowloo for the technical win with just the sheer breadth of it numbers, but nothing they have could take down Bison, so in the end Shadowloo would survive in some capacity.

That being said, who do you think could even threaten Bison from team UT? Like I said, I don’t think ARIA can take him, and ARIA is supposedly at the pinnacle :smirk: of UT’s power totem. Could Bison (at full power mind you) take down all of UT alone?

Probably not, IMO, but I honestly don’t no how it would shake down. I could see a scenario where it ends with Bison destroying ARIA and taking her place as UT CEO though. Lol! I just don’t know.