Ultras question

how do you instinct cancel? And when do you do it?

To instinct cancel, you press HK and HP and you can do it at any point of the ultra except for it’s last few hits

problem is, doing that just ends the entire ultra, it cuts it short, can’t I repeat the ultra?

When you do an instinct cancel, you have to do the input of the ultra again for the second one. That is unless you’re doing an ultra ender.

problem is, there is not enough time for me to do that, it just ends so quickly after the HK and HP is hit.

Then try to add more hits before doing the ultra input. You can still attack the opponent with autodoubles, manuals, linkers, shadow moves, etc right after the cancel. That should give you more time to do the second ultra input.

Sounds like you’re pressing MP + MK, which is the “ultra ender”, a fast hit that immediately ends the combo.

What you want is instinct cancel, which is HP + HK. Your character should do a little activation animation and you should be able to press HP or something during that animation and the combo should keep going.

You can only instinct cancel if you are on the ground (some ultras put characters in the air, you can’t instinct cancel at these points).