UltraChenTV KI Cup preview show, featuring Sajam

UltraChen did a preview show for the KI Cup yesterday where they talk about the game itself, and some story lines going into the KI Cup. They also show off a preview of the project Sajam and I have been working on for the last 3 weeks.

This is a really excellent watch because everybody on the set seems genuinely excited to talk about KI. Sajam did a great job bringing his natural enthusiasm and game knowledge to get everyone pumped about Season 3 in general, and also the event this weekend.

I highly recommend you watch! If you’re like me or anyone else in the chat, just hearing these guys talk about the game is contagious.

Link to the video because otherwise it will embed and not work

Here’s the Youtube link:


Marking this to watch later when I get home.

KI hype is reaching unbearable levels for me!

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Wish it was on YT so I could watch it now. :sob:

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FYI: Ultrachen’s YT channel updated with their show, though IDK if it is the KI preview show that @Infilament is talking about. I just started listening to Part 1, so…yeah…

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Thanks, dudes. I used to listen everything SF but KI took over. Great listen for the weekend.

This isn’t the show I linked in the first post, although they’re usually pretty good about uploading stuff so maybe it will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow.

Until then you’ll have to use the twitch archive, but because it’s just them talking you can set the quality to low or something (if twitch archives suck for you, as they do for lots of people) and it should be fine.

Awesome stream. Really like how excited James is for the game. He’s always kind of had a soft spot for KI I think, so it’s really cool to see that interest finally paired up with a deeper understanding of what drives the game and makes it what it is. Very much looking forward to his commentary at the World Cup. :slightly_smiling:

Promo character vid looked pretty good. Should be a solid way to give newcomers a bit of insight into the crazy characters this game has. Good work Infil - you continue to do a LOT for this community! :heart:

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Here’s the Youtube link by the way, which just got posted:


We did a lot of work on these (probably about 40 total hours over 2 weeks). It was really difficult to distill a character down to only 30 seconds… for several characters, we had to ignore parts of their game, or greatly oversimplify a concept so that it wouldn’t confuse anybody. A lot (most, really) of the Season 2 characters had this problem.

So yeah, keep that in mind when watching the videos over the weekend. Some aspects of some characters won’t be present in the video, but we did our best to give you snippets of things you could watch out for/things that were likely to turn up in real matches. For what they are, though, I’m really proud of the job Sajam and I did.

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Here’s part 2 and part 3 of that:

Great Stuff! Great job to @Sajam and @Infilament for the character videos, as I wasn’t expecting anything like that, and I feel they will really add something special to the stream.

I’m so hype for KIWC! This is going to be awesome.

FYI: @TheKeits @GoogleMyName @rukizzel I don’t know who this appeal should go to, but there is a guy making player videos that I think would be great to go along side these character breakdown vids…

There are a few others, but I just wanted to put this in someones ear.