Ultraaaaa scream is gone...(YES YES, ITS FIXED, THX IG)

Are u serious?

If you are talking about in season 3, can you go back to your replays and record it?

Hey all - this is a bug. We’re looking into it.


It’s a different ultra the ultra now is sort of like meh ultra but the one op is on about is like crazy screaming ultra, if anything it was homage to the arcade where the upped the volume to make sure it overpowered everything in the arcade even if the guy turned the volume down on the cabinet, it’s like that sort of ultraaaaaaaaaaa goes on for about 5 minutes when you finish the combo lol

You made my day!


You can unlock the classic speaker by reaching Player Level 4 in the game! :wink:

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Thank you, we all appreciate your hard work and support.

I love you, I will buy you a drink and for your team every time

When I fight TJ Combo, go for an ultra and he stops it to come back (when he has full instinct)…And then do the ultra again, the announcer always yells “ULTRA”

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I never heard in s3…
Well, at least they are fixing that bug!

Did they fix it? I ask because I couldn’t get it to trigger. It’s only on an Instinct Cancelled Ultra Combo right?

Yes, ultra > cancel > ultra!

Its fixed on Mira’s patch! :smiley:


Thanks, I’ll double check when I go home and play later.

IT’S FIXED !!! I repeat ITS FIXED!!!

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