Ultraaaaa scream is gone...(YES YES, ITS FIXED, THX IG)

Why remove that badass ultraaaaa scream…

Please give me a reason…

Its important to me, its part of ki… Without that, feels like empty.

S3 is GOURGEOUS…Why ig, why? I’ll go back to s2 if you confirm the scream is out for good…im not overreacting, but i really love that scream…

Can i have an official reply?

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Its still in there.

How? I tried everything

It might be during a double ultra, but Ive never been sure. Ill do some tests.

Do you know how to activate it exactly?

Yeah I’m sure it’s double ultra only, I’ve noticed it goes crazy even only doing a double ultra but only landing a few hits to finish the match quickly

@rukizzel Any comment on this issue?

Have you heard “ultraaaaaa” in s3?

Not a single time. Even on ig stream, nothing.

Im playing for 4 hours, nothing.

I can’t remember tbh, I was playing while on Skype so wasnt really paying too much attention, I’ll try it quickly see what comes up

The very first ki trailer had that scream, its memorable for me…

Thank you guys for the help here…

Wow ok Yeah it’s gone! Did a 100+ double ultra and nothing, I really hope this is just a bug and not a “feature”

Like i said man, i tried everything, even doing all enders in a match (like ki2).

Please devs say something :frowning:

Aria announcer still says it. I guess they wanted more people to use it?

I don’t think so… :confused:

Probably just a bug.

Its weird, the devs didnt notice that?

I’ve been saying this since the pre release streams, I think it’s really gone.

Yeah, i remember your post…

Man, dont say that… :’(

Ultraaa is still there, I hear it all the time