Ultra Instinct Jago!

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First off, anybody on these forums ever heard of Sasuke Uchiha? Well, seeing images of him like the one below got me Jago on my brain and thinking, “Maybe Classic Jago should have an alternate costume like that”. Now, I say this because the Retro costume for Jago, as a base for a customized character model of Jago dressed like shirtless Sasuke, better emulates his sleek yet muscular frame than Jago’s default costume.

And back when I saw the first teaser for Goku’s Ultra Instinct, not only was I fairly impressed with what to expect, it kinda called Killer Instinct to my mind, so I thought, if someone who specializes in XPS render models and the like, say a DeviantArt user, could make such a Jago/Sasuke mashup costume, they should give it the name Ultra Instinct Jago. And I bet you’d love to see Jago in action, wearing said costume, with the “Ultimate Battle” insert song from Dragon Ball Super playing in the background as he fights Gargos.



If anybody wants to use this art as a base for Ultra Instinct Jago, be my guest, as long as u credit the original artist, of course!