Ultra Combo 2016 Game Awards

I wanted to post this earlier, but better late than never. Now 2016 was a good year for gaming in my opinion and for all of you I don’t know cause I’m not you. So this post is for all of use to post what were the best games of 2016 and this will not be just mine only as its for all of you. I would like you guys to give awards to the best games you played in 2016 in this post. But please do not make it a rant cause remember this is not the VGAs its our VGAs. Thank you.

Best Adventure Games: Uncharted 4, Megadimension Neptunia V2.
Best Fighters: SF5, Nitroplus Blasters, GGXrd Revelator.
Game of the Year: Sf5, Uncharted 4

And that is it for me and now your turn.

Eww, SFV as GOTY?

Anyway, I have a partial list, minus this categorization by console nonsense.

  1. Dishonored 2
  2. Forza Horizon 3
  3. DOOM
  4. Oxenfree
  5. Firewatch

Don’t think I got around to playing much else, which is a shame.

This is just about ordered by the amount of hours logged in each. After a powerless run through of Dishonored 2 I think my brain is a little broken, but that is a fine video game. I think my preference for the stealth/systems FPS genre shines through in my placement of Dishonored 2 over DOOM, the latter of which seems like the more well-rounded and impressive game.

I’m doing dishonored 2 on a powered but totally non lethal, “ghost” playthrough. I’m also not looking for hints online. It took me 9 hours to get through the clockwork mansion…

I’m never good at making lists. For Best games of 2016 I might go:

  1. KI Season 3
  2. Overcooked
  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider (was that early 2016 or late 2016 release)
  4. Dishonored 2 (even though I haven’t finished it)

Best game: Xcom 2
2nd best game: Dark Souls 3
Best fighting game: GG Revelator
Best DLC: Witcher 3
Biggest flop: No man’s sky
Best party game: Overcooked

When I was typing I realized that the majority of games I played in 2016 were not released in 2016 and it was shocking when I looked at my profile.

Favorite Games of 2016 in No particular order:

KI Season 3
Dark Souls 3
Skyrim: SE
Stardew Valley

At least, those are off the top of my head.

I’m surprised you didn’t put Central Fiction on your Best Fighters list

I was gona say on how SFV WAS a GOTY game (like it was voted already). I was going to giggle at that. Since this is just prediction it makes more sense.

I have it but had more fun with the other 3 i mentioned.

You thought we voted for the awards?

I dunno. I don’t pay attention to these things.

I was never gonna add voting as option when we all have are preferences.

Best Fighters: Killer Instinct (DUH)
Best FPS: Doom (Duh > w >)

Best Platformer: Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero
Best Fighter: KOF 14

Best Dino Game: The Isle (even though it’s not finishe and has alot of work ahead of it, you can at least play as dinos unlike ARK right now, but Ark may beat it this time IF Primal Survival ACTUALLY happpens)
Best Game with the lulz: GangBeasts.

That’s my awards for the day.

Top games for me:

Dark Souls 3

yeah this year sucked.

Pokemon Sun and Moon.

That’s it.