Ultimate Speculation!

After seeing how they’ve organized who gets ultimates by what row in the character select screen so far. Their order appears to be 2 from S1, 2 from S2, and 1 from season 3 forward. If this pattern were to continue, who would you guess the last 5 are or who would you want to see in this order?
Personally I would like for pack 3 to go as follows:
S1: Sabrewulf and Orchid
S2: Omen and Cinder
S3: Eyedol (cause he’s angry lol)
What are your thoughts?

That’s not really their pattern though. They’re pulling from the three groupings of character themes, and this was backed up by their explanation in their panel. Go into Shadow Lords/Archives/Characters and filter and there are three groups: Order (pack 1), Ultratech (pack 2), and Chaos (pack 3?). This jives with what they said in the panel. Expect the 3rd pack to be all Chaos characters which are mostly monsters.

I unfortunately missed the panel where they specified this however I’m looking at this from a what if standpoint. IF they were to continue this trend then who would they be or who do you think they would be? That’s where I was getting at, for all I know the other 5 will end up all being from S2 lol.

If you missed the panel and want to check it out where they talk about the Ultimate pack choices here:

@ 27:10 & 31:30 (pretty much confirms Chaos pack next)

I hope it is
Sabrewulf, Gargos, Mira, Hisako, Kan Ra

Might be
Gargos, Eyedol, Omen, Mira, Kan-ra

We must fight to get ultimate for all characters.

Thanks my friend :smile:

I’m expecting it to be:

Sabrewulf, Spinal, Aganos, Gargos, and Eyedol.

We might get more Ultimates soon, but this is what they have right now.

Close but wrong. Seen em all… they are really sick!

Do you think you can PM me on the ones I got right? I heard there was an NDA on the Ultimates that WERE at KI World Cup…I mean, not that I would know if there were any… :wink:

I was told we could discuss who but not what they do.
I’ll holla at you when get back from the trip home

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I hope Hisako gets one
Mira eh


Hoping for:
Sabrewulf, Glacius, Cinder and Eyedol

Sabrewulf, Spinal, Aganos, Omen and Gargos

So maybe Aganos will turn them to stone and crush them, since we know his kind have that power judging by his stage ultra. Or maybe he turns them to stone and then uses them as “chunks” and adds them to his body.

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Time to eat some crow. You guessed the Ultimate pattern! It wasn’t strictly chaos characters in pack 3 after all.
2 from row 1 (Wulf, Glacius)
2 from row 2 (Aganos, Hisako)
1 from row 3 (Mira)
Glad I didn’t put any money on it.

Nice to see my pattern guess was correct. I’m not going to lie though I’m a little disappointed with the chosen ones in this pack, Wulf and Glacius are good choices in my opinion but the rest I’m a little sore over.

I happy about Mira, but bummed no Spinal or Kan-Ra.
No matter who they chose, people will be disappointed about the ones they didn’t. I might pick up a skin pack or two now in the hopes that it might help alter their future plans and do more.