Ultimate Source figures international shipping - $70 to UK?!

I would really like to get one of the Ultimate Source KI figures but the shipping is crazy!
The cheapest option is $70 to get a figure shipped to UK.

Is there any other option? Are the figures available any other way in the UK?

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Mate, my cheapest option (to Poland) is $104. Consider yourself “lucky”. It’s been mentioned on the forums, however, that Ultimate source is looking for a European retailer, so I would wait a while if I were you.

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Same. God knows I want a Hisako, Orchid and Sabrewulf (Cinder if they can get him to change colors).

I’d love to order some as well but the international shipping prices are unfortunately unrealistic and make them a non purchase.

Just buy them all n works out cheaper… my shipping was $84 for all 5

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My bro in Mexico tells me that his shipping is $50… thats insane!!! :v

It’s $30 to get it shipped to southern central Canada.
Sending it a greater distance within the USA costs only $10! It’s nuts!

I’m from Brazil, so not only is the shipping cost obnoxious, but when the package arrived at customs they would probably charge duty from me. Those taxes could add up to almost 100% of the total price of the order (product + shipping), so we are talking about a small fortune for just one figure.

Therefore yeah, maybe when I get to visit the US again I`ll have them sent to my hotel.

Lucky you. Its 220chf (around 200€) to Switzerland last time I checked.

UK here aswell man, I have a reserved space beside my Funko POPs for Fulgore and Sabrewulf. However I will NOT be forking out almost £100 for these things.

The package has to go through customs as well.

same here… and also there is no other way to have the colors… which would be easy.

I’ve never seen customs heading up to Canada cost more than $5, or heading down to USA, more than $10. $20 extra is outrageous.

Be careful about buying more to save on shipping, I got stung by a nasty extra charge after my figures were delivered as if I hadn’t paid enough already.

I’ll just link to my horror story to save a double post: Ultimate Source Figures - Nearing Launch!

In fact never mind being careful, the only realistic advice I can offer is [I]do not buy[/I] until it gets sorted out. Learn from my mistake.

I’m just glad I didn’t get a derpy Jago.

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Hi, do you know if these are available in the UK/Europe yet? Did they find a European retailer?

Have you tried looking into picking up one on eBay? That might be cheaper to ship…

I probably replied when you first posted this but from what I know there’s still no other way to get them to the UK at a reasonable price.