Ultimate Question

Hey guys, what is your take on the “frog stomp” from KI that orchid used to do? Would that make a decent ultimate or no? I saw sidara’s ultimate with the spider webs and stuff, seems cool but how about the frog stomp on the opponent?

Not seeing that happening basically

All though… See her do that to rash, that would be hillarious

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well darn

No I personally found that to be odd and while the breast expose thing was mundane as well, I’m glad she finally got the tonfa stick shocker finisher & firecat scorcher ultimate finisher in KI Gold.

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Not a fan of that one.

But…the poor froggy… :sob:

I think it adds humor.

Hehe why not

It’d be too easy for them.

  • Turn opponent into frog
  • Screen goes white during jumping animation
  • Screen goes back to normal, showing a flat texture on the ground
  • Zoom in on face
  • Ultimate text que


I gotta be honest, I never liked that finisher. It was just weird…not good weird, just “Huh. Well that’s a thing.” weird.
Plus squishing a frog would be really out of character for the modern take on Orchid.

…I mean obviously she’d flush it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I dont really see that happening. If I had to guesd then I’d say that she would have to incorperate her fire cat. Plus I dont think Rash would be too pleased, lol.

It just seems cruel… unless it was done in a cartoony and comical way.

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