Ultimate Kyle CPU vs CPU Tier List?

What’s CPUs are the best and worst in your opinions?

Eagle is the worst so far (was Arbiter, until I just had a match with Arbiter against Eagle; Eagle did no combos, kept spamming bows up in the sky up close, allowing Arbiter to beat him with ease; Arbiter got supreme victory), 2nd is Arbiter and 3rd is Kim Wu (can do good on occasion).

Below average is Thunder, Maya (Maya would be good, if she knew how to grab her daggers back) and General RAAM.

Mira can be either good or bad, mainly due to her not using her bite move, which allows her to gain health back, when her AI does though, she beats everyone, but when she doesn’t, she gets torn apart, since her drains her health like mad. Kan’Ra is average as well, since he does keep his distance and lay traps down and approaches when necessary, but is sometimes tricked but their enemy AI foes.

Above average is Jago and Rash.

Best ones are Fulgore (on occasion), Omen, Gargos and Shadow Jago; Omen and Shadow Jago are very fast and can confuse their AI foe with ease, especially when attacking each other at the same time, since the fastest moves counts first. Fulgore perfectly uses his shoryuken-like move, like Jago and Shadow Jago. Gargos also keeps his distance like Kan’Ra, and it seems when he spams his punches, the enemy AI just stands still and gets killed easily.

Note: All the AIs for me switch how good they are on occasion, but those are the main ones I’ve noticed so far.

Looking forward to seeing what you all think.

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Mmh,Wulf mirror in kyle is annoying. I need to react ot the cancels of the run. usually if it has a nice “overhead” distance it will do that. I think is the best way to punish it.
Sadira , Orchid and Thunder were always a things to me. But depending on the character I use the challenge is not the same.
Not big deals with Jago (even pre nerf) and Fulgore.
Glacius gad an exploit I could throw him non stop and Tusk would eat the same special attack over and over again. The last one I think it got fixed because I wasn’t getting it 100% of the times as before.

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Yeah, Sabrewulf has fast moves as well, so I ain’t shocked the AI is good with him, since even if it messes up, fast moves tend to recover faster (Mr. Obvious, I know lol) and it allows the AI to mess up many times and still come on top, if you don’t know how to punish their mistakes.

Eagle is the worst AI alongside Arbiter; Arbiter is a tad better than Eagle though, since Eagle barely does anything and hasn’t beaten anyone I’ve put him against.

You could say “It’s because he’s a new character.”, but Shin Hisako did amazingly well for me against other AIs and she was new.

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