Ultimate Difficulty?

Godlike is good and all but another level beyond would be nice. For example,on the Gargos fight,he can have a team waiting for you along with him. For example. Defeat 1st Omen, Gargos loses a buff and sees you as a threat. He creates a weaker Omen to defend him at the cost of a buff. Defeat 2nd Omen. Gargos prepares by creating a new being based on his previous form. (Retro Gargos). Gargos is weaker but you must defeat this being before you can fight Gargos. 3rd Omen defeated. Gargos creates a mimic. It is a mimic of your captain but with only 1 lifebar. 4th Omen. Gargos is tired of this mess. He creates his strongest work he can make. He creates Boss Shadow Jago with all of his goodies. You might wonder,why bother with the Omens? Here is why. In this difficulty, each Omen has 2 buffs. If you think fighting Gargos with 10 buffs is fun,go on ahead. What does everyone think?


Gargos isn’t even properly programmed yet, give it until the full release.

Boss Shago isn’t in Shadow Lords though…

I actually think its an interesting idea. I’d probably never be good enough to do it though. Probably catch a couple YouTube play through of it first. Just one thing though. Thought it might be cool if we go with the mimic omen ideas.

1st omen is an omen with 2 buffs
2nd omen is a mimic captain with 2 buffs
3rd omen is a mimic Gargos with 2 buffs
4th omen is a mimic Eyedoll with 2 buffs
5th omen is a shadow Jago with 2 buffs or a tag team Eyedoll and Gargos with 2 buffs between the two of them.

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We have to wait once the public release is ready to see the changes. But this is a cool idea.

The goal here is to allow boss Shago to be playable. He is too cool to not be. Having Gargos with all 10 buffs is a nice bonus as well lol.

I don’t know. Acknowledging that Gargos isn’t at full power yet (obligatory “this isn’t even my final form” joke), I think the balance is pretty good from a mechanic standpoint. The most hardcore of us want the game to be challenging, but you can only push difficulty and buffs so far before the game becomes a caricature of itself that the devs may not want.

For example, Bioshock’s difficulty system across the multiple games is fairly uniform and sensible. Each game has a baseline of Easy/Normal/Hard with explanations basically saying easy is for first time players, normal is for people with some shooter experience and hard is for shooter veterans.

Now, I only play Bioshock games on hard because it’s the only way it feels fun and challenging. It still is super manageable, and there are times at which I could want it more challenging, but it works with what is intended. Loot drops, enemy health, RNGs and such are the least forgiving on hard difficulty but balanced. We could make if more difficult by increasing health and lowering damage output, which is what a lot of shooters do, but at that point the game’s balance would change and may no longer perform, or be approachable, in ways that was intended.

My point with the above example is that wanting an additional challenge is always good, and something we may need to handle with player-encouraged rules like Nuzlocke runs for Pokemon, but the devs may be hesitant to amp up difficulty if it will break how the game is supposed to be played or approached.

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Ok I can see that. What if players did things like the light kick challenge? Where you pick a difficulty but you can only fight with light kick. We would even have to program anything in to do that.

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We could probably start with easier challenges than that like a single character run, no items run or what not.

What if there were an izzik and dretch challenge in which you fight a bunch of them in a short amount of time to gain as much astral energy as possible from them. I got the idea from halos grunt only firefight missions.

This is an amazing idea. Would be neat.

Yeah I thought it would be something to add a little more flare to the missions, like someone else who suggested using character retros or accessories to act as different characters entirely. For example, Miras hooded accessories could be used for coven members.

That would definitely work

It sounds like the crucible from darksiders 2 or clash in the clouds from bioshock infinite. Basically like survival with a big cash reward

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Yeah they could be considered bonus missions or hell they could even accompany other mimics into battle in the harder levels. Just imagine it, fighting an omen with izzik and dretch supporting him.

i think that sounds fun