Ultimate Boss Battle Mode

Hi Everyone!

Long time lurker, First time contributor! Hopefully I’m posting this in the right place. My apologies if this idea’s already been pitched, but I was thinking that I had an interesting take on a Boss Battle Mode.

We’ve seen Boss Battle modes in other games before:

For Killer Instinct I was thinking that instead of simply having the player fight Aria, Shadow Jago, and whomever the end boss will be of Season 3 (Gargos? Eyedol? Both?), what if Iron Galaxy created a gauntlet of boss battles where you fight a super tough version of EVERY character in the game!

(Again don’t know if this has already been created, pitched or whether the idea is even feasible)

Every character could be suped up. Their Shadow Attacks could be their basic special moves! They could be permanently in Instinct Mode! (Ex: Jago’s Shadow Endokuken could be his basic fireball and he throws two cause he’s constantly in instinct mode!)

If it were possible and Iron Galaxy had the resources, maybe they could even create newer, crazier versions of their already existing Shadow Attacks. (Eg: Jago’s new Shadow Endokuken could be a blazing beam of death (Thinking of Goku’s Kamehameha Wave)

These “boss” versions of each character wouldn’t be available to play as, so Iron Galaxy could make them as crazy tough and cheap as they wanted, throwing balance out the window, just to create a psycho challenge. Heck Iron Galaxy could make the mode 2-on-1, where 2 players can co-op play the boss gauntlet together at the same time! (Dramatic battle anyone?)

Maybe to create an added incentive for people to play the mode, IG could make boss specific skins/colour palette’s of each character that could be unlocked if you managed to beat them!

Just some random thoughts:

  • Imagine Glacius just bombarding the player with Hail blasts, and having his super armor at ALL times! His Shadow Hail could just fill the screen with Hail shards!

  • Thunder could get his THUNDER back. Shadow Attacks could have crazy lightning effects on them.

  • Orchid’s Blockade Runner constantly turns her into a cat. Her Ich-Ni-San drops that huge cascade explosion on each hit when she does the Shadow version!

  • Cinder’s Fission is an ENORMOUS SCREEN FILLING BOMB going off when he does the Shadow version of it!

  • Aria has full health bars for Every one of her bodies!

  • Everyone has RESURRECTION! (Kidding! Kidding!)

Again I don`t know if someone thought of this before, and if they did I apologies for repeating.
What does everyone think? Good idea? Bad idea? Go back to lurking and never show my face again? @rukizzel

That’s it for now!
< Disappears back into foliage >

Could do an MKX story mode thing and have shadow corrupted versions of the entire cast that have crazy abilities and look all spooky and evil like Shadow Jago.

That’s an awesome idea! Would make sense too seeing as Omen can possess people. heck maybe there’s more then one Omen!

I also like the idea of a story for the mode, explaining what happened. Could be really simple too, like some still shots like they did in Season 2 (Not sure if that is actually simple…)

I like any idea for more modes and game play!
I want Classic towers with endings for each character. Just like MKX
there can be a S1 classic tower where you fight Shago and a S2 Classic tower were you fight Aria.
Both can be really tough just like secret BOSS shago.

More modes the merrier! make sure to @“dev” so they see these and they can take em bake to the board room! it cant hurt! i Just did one for @rukizzel

That would definitely be cool. They could create online leader boards for each “tower” if they wanted to as well.

Great idea!!! See… we are creating our game right here on the forum community just how IG/MS intended! Now they just need to make it happen! LOL

LOL, Our game will have checkers! And Ladies of the night!

In fact… forget the checkers!

I just like the idea that a lot of these modes wouldn’t be HUGE resource hogs, and could add a lot of value to an already great game!

At least I believe :confused:. I’m no game developer, so Iron Galaxy could be reading this and going… “This dang guy right here… Release the saberwulfs!”

Reminds me alot of the Unlimited Modes from Arc System fighters, i’d love to have them in KI as well. The sense of triumph after beating a boss would make the mode a joy to play. Make Fulgore’s hype beam a one hit kill if it hits, he would be terrifying with full meter.

Imagine him firing off multiple blade projectiles, but with the size of his Shadow Attack.

If you saw me play, @ShatterSpasm, you’d tell me to get out of an ultimate boss battle mode :wink:

lol. Well with my elite fighting game skills, honed from years of training, I probably won’t be able to beat the first boss, so it would be a pretty short mode for me lol.

I’m just thinking it’d be fun for everyone. Always liked a mode that kicked your keister so much that only the best of the best could beat it.