Uhhh ... Aganos rocks! :D

Ignoring the pun. But uhhh this is awesome. IMO, Aganos nerfs are quite minor compared to his buffs yall.

1 - I don’t think many of us realized how much longer our walls will be around on the stage now (due to system changes and direct changes to Aganos)! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: This is a huge damage buff, as I’ve personally felt Aggy didnt do much damage in combos without walls. Thanks IG/MS! I know this is just day 1, but I’m excited so far!

2 - Faster autodoubles = more damage on lockout, general less chance of folks breaking whenever we’re not playing the counterbreaker game lol

3 - Recycling is great!

4 - Much faster wall placement/pickup and chunkup

5 - Getting a peacemaker in your hand is pretty quick and they stay with you much longer!

I hate this game now lol :wink: … basically because it’s gonna be really tough for me to get my work done. Especially with it on my PC!

God is good! This game is the best!

He hits so hard now! his best lockout combo now is Heavy double, light linker, medium double, shadow pulverize, pulverize ender. the level 4 pulverize almost does more damage than a level 4 ruin ender with 1 wall!

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And the things is, as hard as he hits, I’m sure he will still have his unfavorable mu’s! (of course it’s super early to confirm this now) The ‘challenging’ mu’s are great b/c imo they’re likely not to nerf him in future patches. :smiley: It feels so nice to finally be able to do damage more consistently like everyone else!

I played you in that “marathon” match a couple days ago right? yeah, the match has changed more than I initially thought, as though he is more vulnerable on the ground, his chunk up and recycling make getting in on him that much harder / dangerous. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can try and dig in more.

Yes! That was me. GGs. We should do it again at some point!