Uh, which patch made it where Rash is capped at 2 Ultras?

Using bike or back HP after the second Ultra causes immediate flip-out, which used to, y’know, not happen… It’s not that big of a deal, I usually only used it to mess with friends or my Shadow but it’s kinda disappointing.

I still can get 3. Ultra, back HP, hits, ultra, instinct, hits, ultra.

Odd- Like I said, it forces flipout on the instinct (Goes from like 7 on the burnout meter to 103) and doesn’t let me continue. Hm.

You are not using instinct correctly then.

You are correct though technically 2 is max instinct just resets it.

You can do opener, ultra, recap, shadow, ultra, instinct cancel, linker, ultra, recap,shadow, ultra. So max is 4 if you use instinct.

Okay, so it oddly uploaded without sound, but I captured me attempting it 3 different ways:


I think it’s because you already recaptured once in that combo. You should’ve popped that Instinct before the launch at the end of the 2nd ultra.

Hmm… I’ll try that, but that was never forced before. Odd.

Well I’m just thinking about every other character in the game with a recapture. You usually can’t recapture more than once without them flipping out, which is why Ultras are limited to 3 for those with a recapture. To my knowledge anyway.

You cant use the bike to recap an ultra anymore. Ultra > Recap Ultra > Instinct cancel before they leave the ground which is Rash’s final punch before the big boot > into combo of choice > 3rd ultra.