UA Wheels (DaytonJ) to stream Sabrewulf later

Something a lot of the Wulf mains would probably appreciate.

Gonna stream tomorrow after Shinsako drops, but we’re gonna be focusing on Wulf. @XboxViking @XiBassiX @ultra_arcade


Do you have an estimated time this is gonna start?

No idea. It came up on my twitter from Wheels but he didnt mention a start time. Guess around the time Shinsako is available in his area. Maybe give or take 3 hours from now? If he still plans on it.

Here’s his tweet…
Check out @TheDaytonJ’s Tweet:

@MaruMDQ Figured you would find this interesting. :wink:

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I’m interested, but my time is unfortunately limited today :frowning:

You he’s going to stream Wulf!? I want to see. I like the setup he was using.

So i asked Wheels about this stream last night. Guess he’s still coming down from KIWC high, lol. I’d maybe tell him your interests in tuning in when he’s ready.

Check out @Sneerfulwater57’s Tweet:

I found he was streaming these last days. But no Wulf =(

Nothing against Gargos and Fulgore, I actually like them. Maybe he wants to spare Wulf? Nah, the other two ones are more dangerous hehe :wink: :smiling_imp:

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