U people are making d Nigerian KI General mad with the L4 Ender complaints. what is wrong wit yall?

I am very sad and perplexed with the level of spoilt little KI brats in this forum, Sorry for my language, I am the nigerian KI war general and i am extremely mad and disappointed that u spoilt little KI adults are getting more spoilt, first u complain about stages, now its L4 enders, the game shown to u was WIP work in progress, it was an older build, cant u guys see ??? cant u freakin see!!!

why dont u allow IG to release the game and see how awesome its gonna look. Has IG ever ever, i mean ever ever failed or disappointed u guys??? ever ever? so why in the world do u feel they aint gat ur back on this one?

remember we are having new visitors from the PC version who will join us here, learn to be on ur best behaviour and receive them positively, The KI community i am part is a loving community. who are u people yo ! …we asked for more flare, More camera movement, more new beautiful things. IG finally added cinematic L4 enders to make me happy and u spoilt little KI brattattats sorry i mean spolit KI adults will spoil my fun by complaining… is this not the same way yall complain about S2 UI, u think ihave forgotten, oh i know yall too damn well! i remember u people, u are the same people that complain bout anything new for the first 2 weeks and end up liking it 3 weeks later…aint u the same people, 3 weeks from now, u will all end up saying oh i didnt know the level 4 enders will be this cool!

Stop being annoying cute little KI brats i mean adults, as i am having a vigil waiting my head out for S3 to arrive . allow me to enjoy the few days b4 S3 release as i expect my S4 soon with 10 new characters and my Crowned King eyedol.

Be of ur best behaviour guys or u will have me to deal with, we are gonna have more PC visitors here shortly! behave urselfs!

L4 enders are beautiful and they are here to stay. In the words of Gargos ! evolve with us or die !

I know who i roll with , i roll with my keits, my ishmail , I roll with my microsoft and the my Ki art team chad and co and guess what… u will respect us!

its the Nigerian KI war general saying Ciao!


ok dad

" u are the same people that complain bout anything new for the first 2 weeks and end up liking it 3 weeks later…"

I see this all the time too lol doesnt matter if its MK, KI, Dragon Ball Super, just anything new, this always happens lol

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People in Nigeria Africa use the word “Ya’ll” …LOL…you sure your not from Nigeria, Louisiana?


Lol, dont u know its possible for someone to live in Nigeria all his life, and live an American life style.?

seraph u are welcome!. U will be shocked am more American than most of yall

its Trump all the way tho .oops

Sorry, we’re not going to start with calling out the forum monsters here with the use of “brats,” etc.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion Drake, regardless if you may like it or not. Also, we’re not even diving into politics in the GD. Off Topic is made for this.