Two of the greatest return


Two character specialists go head to head once again… ENJOY!

KI EPICS Exhibitions features Xx KI STREET xX taking on top players in INTENSE, HIGH-ACTION, IN-YOUR-FACE sets, mixed with awesome soundtracks from Killer Instinct & KI STREET productions!

-FULL 4K UHD/60fps sets!
-NO waiting around!
-NO loading times!
-NO sitting on the character select screen!
-NO waiting for someone to hit the rematch button!

The latest set features the return of the best Jago in the world, THOMPXSON.

This FT5 is absolutely wild all the way down to the finish… Will STREET get his KIT runback revenge?

Find out in this EPIC FT 5 filled with Combo Breakers, Counter Breakers, Ultimates & Ultras!

VIDEO PRODUCED BY Xx KI STREET xX (footage from Xbox One X version)

Music by: Xx KI STREET xX