Twitch fixes please

Does anyone have a fix for watching streams on Twitch? Everytime I try to watch something the stream buffers every few seconds. Its really frustrating and annoying. I couldn’t and still can’t watch the KI world cup because of this issue. Sadly many use twitch so unfortunately its not going away anytime soon. I tried as many fixes as I found on google with no resolution. Any tips. Tried changing servers, updating browsers, downloading programs nothing works.

I had the same problem during the balance changes. Weirdly enough, it started playing lag-free when the LCQs started. Not sure whether its my internet or something else.

For me it was the exact opposite. Perfect during balance changes and nothing but stutter during the matches on Sunday.

Saturday morning I got through about 2 or 3 hours without it failing which is rare as it constantly buffering. Sunday and Yesterday the same thing. Even on my phone it buffers constantly. I really don’t like twitch.

Reduce the stream quality. It may not be as pleasant to watch, but it’s better than constantly having to wait for it to start. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to go down to Low to keep the bandwidth low enough to watch the stream reliably.
If that doesn’t work… It doesn’t bode well for the quality of your internet service provider.

Reducing the quality was the first thing I tried. Still the same buffering issue. Any other site is fine except Twitch. An even longer google search turned out that its a common issue and its related to Twitch itself. Hopefully someone will upload the matches on YouTube soon.

I have 150mps internet and I never had it buffer but I did have moments were it would go from good quality to a very pix elated…squares all over the screen look. That was annoying…so its not the internet service. Its TWITCH it self. Or maybe the internet of the host?

True, I remember Twitch going down for E3 and having to stream it through YouTube instead.
Bummer that it doesn’t work. Hopefully the World Cup matches are available soon. Cam probably watch the archive on Twitch but if you’re having troubles with it then even the archives might not be reliable.

I was fine about a year or so ago was able to watch anything now for some reason I can’t. I read that someone mentioned it could be one of the servers. As they had the same issue at the same time frame.

Yeah I tried yesterday Firefox, Chrome, and even yuck IE. Tried something called Tardsplaya or something similar. Nothing helped.

Did you try the Xbox One Twitch app? That seems to run a lot smoother for me than the browser version.

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Really? I’ll try that when I get home and see what it does. Thanks for the suggestion!

KrizmKazm, thank you I tried the twitch app on the Xbox even though most the stream was heavily pix-elated. I only had a few buffers.

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