"Twisted Metal" TV Series Trailer

Like the apocalyptic “Mad Max” sort-of thing they’re going for, with different factions owning their own districts and gangs, but I’m not too sure about the humor imo.

What do you guys think?

Very curious how it will play out. I want to be hyped, but Im also very skeptical considering Calypso isn’t involved.

Although seeing the Twisted Metal Black version of Sweet Tooth act all ‘zany and goofy’ ala Twisted Metal 2/3/4 counterparts, is a little off-putting.

When I see that particular design of Sweet Tooth, I think of a cold, serious, evil killing machine. Not a goofball who does karaoke.

(That and the Ice Cream truck for the show looks kinda derpy. TM2012 had a MUCH better design, which even had a legit real version made. Despite only existing just to get blown up by Jaffe. I guess its a budget thing…)



I just hope the shows at least entertaining. This franchise deserves a proper revival.

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Yeah, now that you mention it, Calypso seems noticeable absent along with the tournament.

Indeed, although I kind of chocked this up as being a sort of composite of all those different versions of Sweet Tooth. I suppose the filmmakers want to appeal as many different fans as possible, if not audiences.

Yeah, I never thought that Sweet Tooth would be singing the “Thong Song” of all things, especially with another character.


Curious how they plan to incorporate Mr. Grimm. At best it’ll probably be just a brief fight scene if I had to take a wild guess. (Would be funny if he kept coming back after every fight. Sorta as “the driver who cannot die”, kinda gimmick.)

Wonder if they’ll go for a “TM Black” version apposed to being the literal grim reaper.

The classic phantom version would be more spectacular to see on the big screen tho, not gonna lie.


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God, I hope Mr. Grimm makes an appearance. He’s a really cool character!