Tusk's teeth looks weird as heck

Yeahh… what is up with that. Very happy with the character outside of that though - his skin and teeth sometimes look like metal - shiny like bronze. Something odd there.

Aeon’s have tempered his gingivitis.


Everytime I hear tusk’s intro I can only hear some really high up guy from a company go "Eons have tempered my blade ahuhahuhahuhahuha yessss…

So H E double hockey sticks is censored on this forum? The opposite of heaven is censored? :frowning:

You mean the underworld, astral plane, spectral plane, netherworld.

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The biblical version of Hades. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, Tusk got a beautiful set of teeth, but they look rather unfortunate in some lighting. XD

Tusk didn’t use toothbrush for many years… : D

If other characters had the same extreme face close-ups that Tusk and Kim Wu have, we’d be complaining about them too.

He should take teeth cleaning lessons from M. Bison

(look at those pearly whites)


Perhaps - but yeah some closeups look like they use bronzer or are made of metal too. Seen it on Orchid for example.

Nothing has aged on tusk…except his teeth