Tusk's tattoos reveal his origin/heritage

Tusk seems indeed to be a Viking. His tattoos have writings that, after a basic research can lead us to the viking alphabet/runes.
It’s not fully readable but it says:

“In strenght there is …”

Probably the full sentence will reveal something important about him.

(Hey devs, that was fast huh lol)


Thanks for this, I wasn’t sure if it was Viking or Celtic, but with a closer look, he is definitely Viking!

Scandinavia represent! <3

Keits retweeted something with #notaviking.

EDIT: I really hope he is a viking. Earl Tusk

Definitely Northern European!

Not a Viking? Aww… that’s disappointing.

If they are Viking runes how is he not Viking hmmmm

Well, I’m not tribal, but I can still get a tribal tattoo…
However, it is rather misleading.

Maybe Tusk is “not a viking” like Kan-Ra is “not a mummy”… which means he kinda is, but not really. XD

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Booooo! That’s suck! D:

Maybe he was just following the #notamummy and #notabroccoli jokes from past releases. I wouldn’t read much into it.

The funny thing is…wouldn’t it be ironical if Tusk was just a mashup of Norse cultures and stereotypes after discarding the original Thunder’s designs for being too controversial?

Got a better angle and watched some 20 times. It says “In strength there is…”

It could be kinda fun if Tusk is just a random metalhead who just so happened to find an awesome greatsword and then just started killing people. XD


That surelly whould motivate some members of this community to raise their weapons!

Utilizing themes and aesthetics as opposed to the characters being literally "X"person/thing allows for more narrative flexibility and keeps the lore from getting to Cray cray.

smells like an epic thread

In strengh there is wisdom

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Also, IMO he is totally a modern guy, not frozen viking or anything like that.

Yes, the tatoo has viking runes, but they are used to make raw english. If he is from another time, the runes whould form words in another lenguage.

I can type “δαιβω ις κooλ”, but thats not greek, its english using the greek alphabet.

Tough modern guy that for some reason got to a hard to survive boreal landscape and found an old viking ship. Gonna bet he is proud of his ancestors lineage and was searching them, taking the sword as heritage

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What did you type? :o

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“Dayvo is cool” xD

I was going to put something more complex, but I’m in my mobile and its hard to copy greek alphabet.

I learnt greek and latin years ago

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Hey @rukizzel, do you think we are getting a better shot on that tattoo once Tusk’s trailer is out? I’d really love to know what it says. Are we in the right direction? lol

Tusk is clearly Scandinavian, I wouldnt technically call him a full fledged Viking, but perhaps hes descended from ancient vikings and the warriors of old, and uses survival techniques the Vikings used to survive in the wild, so hes LIKE a viking, just not a REAL viking…but if he gets a skin where his hair is black and has a classic horned viking helmet accessory, then its confirmed, Tusk is Olaf >.>

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