Tusk's one-liners

Ever since Tusk’s trailer, will he ever speak of one-liners to his opponents? Like he did with Omen, Riptor & Spinal? And now later Mira?

Omen: You are fast… until I hit you.
Riptor: You play at being a dragon, little one. Playtime is over.
Spinal: For the dead, there is only one rule… stay dead!

If so… perhaps he’ll say these things to his opponents if he doesn’t do an ultra combo. What would you all think he’d say to the other characters?

When does he say these again?

It’s in his trailer

Ah yes, when will he say such things? So…we get special intros now?

More likely outro.

So…special outro’s instead?

would be great if they spoke while fighting… Tusk , Kim, Rash, Arbiter all have a lot of dialogue, maybe this is in the plans

Pretty sure that was just for the sake of the trailer, but having more smacktalkin’ Tusk would be neat!

I don’t think so. That’s like Aria, in her trailer, she comments on a lot of characters (spirit, ancient creature, man transformed into monster, immortal madman, blabla) but she doesn’t not say anyhting like that in the current game.

I don’t have a lot of inspiration but I’d like to hear him say something about Fenrir against wulf.

I believe they are for the trailer only. Not actually being put in-game.


“Death comes to all…”

“Except me.”

I kinda have a thread on this already, I didn’t talk about putting it in game tho.

Could be that the voice actor was just willing to record lines unique to the trailer/teaser.

Probably I just wish those one liners existed in the game somehow. As a taunt or outro or special outro that happens during special finishers.

To maya “your daggers are are as sharp as your wit. Too bad my sword is both bigger and sharper” :smirk::smirk::kissing:

One liners man, not burns.

Those burns also seem a bit too personal. Tusk doesn’t and shouldn’t know half these characters like that.

Most of his lines are derived from his present observations.

Spinal is obviously an undead
Omen is a demon
Riptor breaths fire
■■■ Is an undead vampire

See where im going with this?


“Death comes to Poptarts…”

“Except me.”

It would be cool if all characters had different one liners for intros like they do in MKX. It get’s old quick listening to the same intro over and over again. Especially when it’s a mirror match.