Tusk's immortality

Seeing Tusk’s accessories, as an immortal barbarian & viking, do you see his story being involved in various wars after being cursed to live forever?


  • the gladiator
  • how he grew the beard

… and stuff.

I’m more interested on how he grew fond of denim and when he’ll trade out his raggedy jeans for some new pants.

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Tusk and his shorts is like me with shoes. I never get a new pair until the old one has fallen apart by the seams. In fact that ones happened while at Disney! Lol

I like to think his life is incredibly mundane for an immortal swordsman cursed to be a guardian by some higher power.

Monday: Visit jeans emporium to browse clearance aisle.

Tuesday: Take in sword for good sharpening and oil.

Wendesday: Get new ultraphone after last one was eaten by a cyborg dinosaur.

Thursday: Stand ever vigilant over the river of souls against the encroachment of life devouring demons.

Friday: Groceries.



Someone should make a Meme of this!

Sounds legit :slight_smile:

Pants break to all

except me

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Wouldn’t it have looked a lot cooler without the jean shorts ?? I mean why not just have him wear what Vikings or Scottish warriors or whatever they are wore ? I still think an absolutely perfect way to have brung tusk back without time travel , would have been to say that he was frozen this entire time, and ultra tech found out and had him un thawed for whatever reason.

Cause Highlander was an awesome movie and Encino Man was an awful movie.

Totally agree. I simply suspect his design comes from that time he still was a “Bear Grylls survivalist”. Cargo pants make my eyes bleed on an otherwise good redesign (aside of anime sword) and that’s why I choose Retro Tusk 99% of the time.

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Yeah the cargo jean shorts are such a weird design choice lol what was the thought process behind that.

I feel the same way. Maybe those jeans are what he wears when he is not slaying ancient evils. Maybe he went camping and ran into riptor and she tore his pant legs and rip his shirt. I can see him now about to tell riptor aeons have tempered my blade and she jumps him in the middle of him talking. lol

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Techno Viking.

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Lmaooo. Aeons have tempered my bl… Oh crap there goes half My jeans. its all just too weird though. With the HALF kilt on top of the cargo Jorts lol

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To me though that’s the most fascinating part.

If this guy was jsut another generic viking dude I’d be unimpressed.

But it’s the little touches, the modern buckles for his sword the camping boots, the denim shorts.

That tells a story. It’s the story of a man who has old fashioned senses but isn’t so backward as to think he shouldn’t move with the times somehow. He’s not going out to get hemp or wool pants when in his long life they’ve come up with magnificent inventions like denim, hiking boots and toilet paper. In fact is that even a kilt? Could just be his torn flannel shirt ripped off hulk hogan style.

His pants are torn cause this ■■■■■■■■■■■■ is wrestling with dinosaurs and demons and ■■■■. He’s puttin his boots to the head of things that breath fire and coming out the TV to kill horror movie victims. Dude’s suplexing Aganos and you’re wondering why his pants are torn.

I mean, I get it, cargo jeans are silly looking. Along with beard braids and massive impractical swords. I mean jesus christ that thing has to be like 70 some odd pounds.

But honestly in terms of design it’s one of the better and more practical looking ones. Even if his fashion sense is dumb.

Or do I need to get into Orchids one kneepad?


or how that kneepad rests on her thigh when she’s kneeling :fearful: