Tusks hero art

Adam isgreen has it on his twitter banner.
He looks awesome in this pic


That is epic but it is weird that we haven’t seen Kim Wu’s hero art yet.

He looks a LOT better in this artwork. His blue eyes are more rendered here so it doesn’t make him look like


…Jus sayin X:


This Hero Art is really cool!!! :grinning:
But I still waiting for Kim Wu Hero Art… Where is it? :open_mouth:

Far more menacing than his intro OR outro.

I really liked his hero artwork! It’s awesome and still looks like KI2, why they didn’t implement that in S3? Dunno but they should.

Guessing they’re still rendering some stuff here and there for her X:

Cool, but… where’s the rest of him? XD

That’s some really sweet hero art, and indeed makes him look better than he does in-game. It would be really great to get a media section to the website for concept art, screenshots and wallpapers in high resolution.

Looks awesome can’t wait to see Kim Wu’s

LOOL tusk got like Meth teeth and eyes

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This is beautiful
Whoever makes these hero arts are gods