Tusk's Colors, Retros and Accessories

Check them all out here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/tusks-colors-and-accessories/

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The Retro Suplex one is amazing.

He should have worn this one during The Spinal Suplex in the Trailer, LOL.


Modern Color 9; that has to be Conan’s warpaint from the first Conan The Barbarian movie, and it’s so meta I feel like I need to put on a scarf and order an overcomplicated latte.

FG character cosplaying the original character his original design was based on? Deep, bro.

I’m probably using that color exclusively once I unlock it!

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Dammmnnn that gearpunk set is beast

But the retro has the ponytail in the wrong spot guys!!!


DAH-yum, Tusk looks hot! OOMPH!
Hate I have to wait until Thursday before I can play him… don’t have money for it before then. :confused:

I’m going full on suplex with Tusk. I love luchadore stuff

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Gimp mask!

He’s got some pretty awesome ones, unlike a lot of other characters.

Lucadore set with blue skin is going to be hilarious.

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Gladiator, executioner, and`suplex is stupid good!! I love it guys!

Some really good ones here, I’m just not keen on the silly hair colours, same with Kim.

Remaining hype for launch trailer…

I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the retro suplex costume 100% of the time I play as Tusk.

Valhalla and Gladiator are my favorite.

Too bad he doesn’t have a black swordsman outfit :sob:


That and the weird palette choices they made with some of the Colors and their lack of nuance. Most of the colors look like they’re painted with actual matte paint.

Tusk accessories themselves are just plain amazing, as are Rash’s and Arbiter’s.

The super saturated hair colors in his default costumes are jarring.

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All of his weapon accessories look saweeeeet. I’m liking the Valhallah and The Executioner options a lot.
Not crazy about some of the colors - Blue w/ Blue Hair, Green w/ Green Hair (for example)

Love the Primal and Gladiator sets!
The green skin one is kinda weird, but all the others looks great.

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Like the if the Green/Purple is indeed a weird Joker tribute, why not make him wear white “war paint”? I dunno, since S2 colors have been really falling behind in creativity IMO.

You mean this one?

So glad they went with that idea for his 9th color.


that’s exactly what I meant; the snake-killing “thief” warpaint.

Why is this in general section? Isn’t this news?