Tusk's beard buff in 3.1

hello all Lost here again with more tusk screens even tho i dont play this character, i noticed and it seems tusk got a fuller beard in the new update and a few texture improvements overall, maybe theres hope for other characters as well, what would you like to see? i hope they dont change kim wu.


Damn, you beat me to this, I wanted to make a thread like this as well. I would love to see other character being polished out too.

lmao yea finding pre update tusk shots was really hard for some reason shoutout to jebailey for the stream archive. Its definitely nice to see evidence that theyre still actively polishing after release.

Where is the nipple nerf?


That is a nice looking beard though lol

I don’t think they should be buffing things this soon. Let the character marinate for a while.

Dude! That comment made my day. Thanks :smile:

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There is no escape from it’s gaze. No hole you can dig to find solace. There is only nipple. Nipple is love, nipple is life.

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Has anyone seen the real Tusk?

Dunno what’s wrong with his skin, eye, or teeth color … but he looks bad under almost every stage’s lighting. His hair in particular looks super fake. This also happens to a lesser degree with Kim Wu, but not with any previous characters, I wonder why. Different 3D modeler?

But hey, at least IG fixed his moustache … he doesn’t look like he’s biting his upper lip moustache on his outro anymore.

I think they buffed his hair aswell now. But his eyes need work. On mayas stage they’re completely black.