Tusk's alternate colors speculation

Since I am no master of photoshop, I’ll give my wishes for Tusk’s colors. I wish we could contact with the guy who did the KI recolor app.

Maybe also @Ravan86 can work his magic into some nice images of Tusk’s alternate fan colors.

My wishes:

Obviously: bronze tanned skin like KI2 tusk with green snake like tattoo

  • Grey hair with camo pants
  • Black hair, brown skin
  • The Robin Beanland: White skin, freckles, red hair
  • The Hulk: green skin, black hair.
  • The Hulk Hogan: hulkamania shorts and bandana

Some of those are unrealistic but hey, one can dream.

I’d buy a Tusk figure just for that color scheme.

This video shows Tusk’s 2nd colour:

It would be awesome if they did a color inspired by the character Arik from the ill-fated Primal Rage 2 as a shout-out. Maybe for his retro though…

Shorts: Black, Green, Navy blue, Brown, Khaki, Red, Dark Purple, Banjo Yellow and Artic Camo

Hair/beard: Blonde, Ocean Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Pink/Strawberry Blonde, Orange/Red, Hazel, Silver, and,Black

I would like to see an alt colour like this:

Hair/beard: Red.
Shorts: Blue, maybe give it a jeans-like texture.
Cloth: Red and black plaids.
Shoulder/Wrists/Boots: Black leather with blue-ish fur.

It would be fun to see a GoT White Walker skin and another black.

All my dad wants is a color that makes him look like Conan

Retro Tusk will definitely have that

I wonder if one of his accessories will be beard style. It might be nice to see no beard, or a long beard.
I need to be able to make him tan as well. That color 2 looks like it had the same skin color.

Fingers crossed for a black and red variation with a Wallace tartan cloth!

Sandah Claus is here.


He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice
Gonna suplex you, whether naughty or nice
Sandah Clause is coming to town.

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Oh, I wouldn’t mind that… ifyouknowwhatImean.