Tusk vs Shago

Seeing much better Shagos online and having some trouble with this match up. Tusk’s moves leave him committed for a long time so blocking all the teleports is a challenge. If you aren’t hitting buttons Shago walks all over you. Tusk’s big damage helps a lot but I feel like I just don’t have a plan for this one.

Anyone got any tips or, even better, video of decent Tusk vs Shago?

I’ve been having the same problem, so I won’t help you much here, but I’d love to find out the answer. From the few Shago matches I’ve fought, I’ve come up with these little points so far:

  • heavy punch attacks are pretty bad (way too slow)
  • medium punch attacks check him at a distance, most notably c.MP, but close s.MP is pretty good, too
  • keep your shadow stocked to punish blocked slides (c.LK xx Shadow Shoulder)
  • crouching light attacks are your friend
  • ducking under projectiles is pretty unreliable, since he will throw out the slow low air one followed by the fast grounded one immediately, and his shadow fireball will get you, too, if you try to anticipate a regular one
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Yeah this matchup is a problem. And Shago can punish a whiffed stHP super easily. So best advice I have is just never use it. However, there are those jump and teleport Shago’s that rely very heavily on their divekick. Might be useful there, but I think crHP is more effective in that case.

Something worth testing would be trying to utilize his deflection’s to counter the slide and divekick options Shago has. I know you can use stHP and stMP deflection’s to counter Rashes charge on reaction. I wonder if it’s the same with Shago.

I’ll try and test this out when I get home.

Generally, I think the best option is patience. Get some good hits, and just play avoidance until you can get in.

I have a lot of work still to do on this matchup, but as I learn, I will try to share.

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Thanks for your nice post. This pretty well matches my experience. The other thing I think I need to try to develop more is shadow counter timing for Shago’s common moves and strings. I’d love to hear more as you progress.