Tusk Theme Cover (broken link)

So guys, I made a little attempt at playing Tusk’s theme on my guitar.
*Attempting to re-link, no video present until I can get it up.

Fwuf, I think the link might be broken. :confused:

Oh goddamniiiiit :frowning:
It worked when I first checked

Ok, had to change it to PUBLIC, it was set to friends only XD

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I’m on mobile, so I might have to look at it on a computer. I’m sure it’s Amazing!

Unfortunately doesn’t seem to be working still :sweat: I can’t press play or anything

I think its an issue with mobile. I can play it on my PC just fine, but even though I’m logged in to the account I uploaded the video to on my phone, I can’t access it. Will need another upload solution.

Well I’m on my pc right now haha :sweat_smile: yea sorry I can’t help out with upload solutions, but i’ll most def give it a listen once it’s up and running

SH*T. Okay, will work on a fix

Make a youtube video and upload it. It might be your best bet, and the safest.