Tusk the "Highlander"

Adam said about Tusk being an “outdoor survivor”.

I still think it’d be better off if his model was based on Highlander instead. Immortals? “There can be only one”?

What if Tusk spoke in Irish or Scottish?

There’s no Irish or Scottish languages, they speak dialects of Gaelic.

It’s an okay idea. Frankly I’m hoping they just drop in a barbarian with a sword. I didn’t worry about the plot in 1995 and I wouldn’t worry about it now…

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What if tusk ends up having a staff

I used to like the idea of a highlander but if they do a vampire character, there’d be another immortal and I think its enough. I personally love this Pictish background and he would remain a survivor specialist, warrior, and explaining how he gets into modern time from the past. Archonate79 was who I was quoting

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I agree…just forget the plot and give us DAH!!! Tusk the barbarian, exactly how we remember him but with a bit of re-boot :smile:

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When you mention redesign I’m thinking since he’s a babarian annd now an outdoor survivor. I picture sorta a Jon Snow or the Mountain from GoT, that vibe to fit that outdoor survivor feel

I feel he should be barefoot and display strong legs and be the jungle man/ Tarzan trope
But hopefully he’ll have flexible feet like thunder and not the puppet feet of combo