Tusk & Spinal connection?

Two immortal seafaring warriors, just saying the two of them must have crossed paths.

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Perhaps Tusk is after the Mask of the Ancients?

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The cloth Tusk has hanging from his belt looks alot like Spinal’s kilt, so there could be a connection between them…

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I’ve noticed the clothe too, it looks like he may have some Scottish link too because although it isn’t a kilt, the pattern looks Scottish or Celtic. What I like about his design is that similar to some other characters, he isn’t simply mirrored no matter what side he is on. If you saw the videos of him from IGN when he is on the right side, the clothe is opposite side like Kan-Ra’s forearm brace and Jago’s Tattoos and rope across his chest.

Tusk looks by far more polished than Kim Wu and for me I wish she had his level of polish in every way. I never liked Tusk but I can’t argue when it comes to how good they made him look and you can clearly see they paid a lot of attention to him and Arbiter

Not sure if it means much, but the slide option out of his dash looks an awful lot like spinal’s crouching heavy kick.

I theorized that Tusk was Spinal’s yeoman or crewmen and he was also affected by the mask of the ancients or the curse associated.

Maybe he met kan-ra earlier and fought him, and a kan-ra curse kinda nullified the mask curse so tusk is now not alive, not dead.

I think Spinal may have been a Viking that invaded Tusks land.