Tusk Showcase Video


Confirmed everyone: Tusk is imortal.

Man he looks really good! Definitely gonna be fun (as if there was ever any doubt). Seriously those sword effects are great. From watching the clips I thought he had a counter but this counter window thing is what it was. Very interesting!

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Wow. Tusk is a complete beast. He can stab you and get extra damage when you are already down, lol.

This solidifies my already-heavy interest in playing Tusk. Looks like he has something that happens either on attacks or with certain ones, did you notice his sword “heating up” and then cooling down while he wasn’t attacking? I wonder what kind of special mechanic that will be.

Maybe the more he attacks the stronger his attacks get? But that would also likely leave him open considering he’s a bit on the slow side, it seems.

Can’t wait to see more of his gameplay in detail.

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Got a much better view of what Tusk can do than in the other video showcasing all the S3 characters.

Tusk looks AWESOME! His face isn’t that bad, now I got a better look at it, but still a bit rough. Other than that though, he looks like an absolute beast! He’s super tall and beefy, his sword is amazing, his freaking tattoo glows hot and smoke comes from it when his Instinct meter is full.

As for his gameplay… it’s just perfect! I love what IG has done with him! <3
I first thought they had given him a shoulder tackle like Glacius’ instead of the flying kick, but it’s alot different in execution with the dash forward and such, and giving you two other attacks you can deal after the dash instead of the tackle. So it’s good! ^^

And it seems like they did indeed go with the “immortal barbarian” angle… this is Tusk! No other than the one and only! <3

I’m definitely pleased with him, that’s for sure!
Thanks Iron Galaxy! <3

hopefully this comes to YT within the next hour or so.

This vid makes Tusk look much better than the other one against Arbiter. His face and model looks unfinished on his stage because of the lighting maybe; Tusk looks better when there’s shadows.

His playstyle is nice, I like it. His design could be better but he looks fun to use.

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I’m going to spend so much time learning Tusk it isn’t funny. The deflect mechanic looks amazing.

Oh boy, Tusk looks dangerous! :neutral_face:

I called it two weeks ago he was gonna have a fire sword.


I cannot because I forgot to tell everyone I predicted the fire sword… :confused:

Mad props for the devs adding the flame sword though. I wanted something like that for awhile now :smile:

So he hits like a truck, has Special Guard Impact’s baked into his moves like a Soul Calibur character, and has a better version of Bison’s V-Trigger in SFV for his Instinct Mode. So guys, anybody know where i have to move to legally marry a video game character? Because i think i’m in love.

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I’d tell you, but I plan to main Tusk, and with immortal barbarian badasses, everyone knows there can only be one.

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Season 3
It’s almost time…


I can see Tusk having some bad a** accessories!

RIP @xSkeletalx’s Thunder

#Song of a Warrior…

Nah - but I have room for two brutal badass warriors, considering I haven’t put time into really learning anyone besides Thunder. Plenty of brain-space left.

Besides, COTE never gets old, and these two will be similar, but different enough to enjoy two different experiences.


LOL Yeah. I know Tusk will probably be your S3 main for sure. I know that for a fact.

#Prepare yourself Skeletal!