TUSK overral

I open this thread to give a very very very big thankx to IG TEAM . u DID a good work on that remake
DAAAAAMMMMMM . i was dissapointed with the kim wu face but TUSK??? OMG :heart_eyes:

hes just at the point i was hopping him to be like chris hemsworth in thor and more bulky.

and with arbiter wooww :heart_eyes:
u can definitely have my money for the S3 ill make it rain without hesitation. just ask wat yall want , and ill manage to make it real. sory kim wu ( till u get better side face ) ill wait the retro kim lol

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I think kim wu and tusks face could use a little bit of a touch up…especially…when u see his teeth.but ill hold my tongue… because tj combo looked better after we saw his reveal//so hopefully they just need to polish them up a bit and I would be satisfied

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thats maybe right but dont forget that vikings and barbarian didnt know about
thats why i thinks its too much proper tho. for me its fine as is it .
maybe they gonna have different face customization as sadira who know .

i need one very very bad and savage face with a broken tooth ,but for now im fully happy with that angel face and a bad boy attitude.

what do u think about his size ? if u compare with kim wu . shes even the size of one TUSK thigh lOMFAO ahhahah i finally have my big bad boy back.

Wait what? That’s not brad pitt.

Lol for sur that’s nope Brad Pitt but better . That’s a real bad boy style with something to Brad Pitt .
If he was totally Brad Pitt I would disagree cause I needed to see a hight virility in tusk .and now Ive got it right :wink:

I mean thor is not brad pitt which you seemed to imply or am didn’t you?

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That’s right I was wrong :sweat_smile: oups cause I alway thought this guy’s was Brad Pitt hahahahahahhahahahahahah. Thank u friend to wake me up :slight_smile:. Thô I searched on google picture Brad Pitt thor and it gives me that picture

I’ve just made the correction. Thank u friend

I think Tusk needs more DAH!..like a lot more. In his interview with LCD, Adam said Tusk would say DAH!. Even if they tweak the taunt to sound more like DAH!, I think we all expected a lot more DAH!. Oh yeah, and that voice sounds to juvenile for a big tough guy like him. Also am I the only only who misses his Boot Kick?.


he said he has a “DAH-ish” scream. Which means there’s no clear, spiritual succesor of DAH.

In fact keits commented that our fixation about dah is a bit annoying sooo… there it is.

I’m sure there are others, but I didn’t really like his boot kick because it was literally Jago’s windkick. So I’m glad they gave him something a little different.

Tusk is freakishly huge.

I agree it was a bit weird seeing a huge guy flying across the screen, but I could have redone as a short range spinning kick

Or maybe a shoulder charge…he actually has something like that right?

Yeah, he does.

What movie is that from?

Listen here:

Adam assured we would have Dah.

TIL…customers have annoying fixations…Ok then…

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Internet says Double Impact

Thread is closed gentleman!!!

Tusk looks like hes been ripped straight outta Skyrim lol

lol hhahaahhaa thats right but hes just DAAMM sexy and viril :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
but im nope gonna play with him cause i dont like the gameplay . ill be on arbiter on s3 :heart_eyes:

my tusk isn’t anymore what he was back in the days . but no probleme i have arbiter now

yeah that true DAAAHHH was supposed to comeback . but yeah :pensive: its just like that friend we can just be happy of the redesign