Tusk no longer says DAH!

Can everyone just take a moment to reflect on the insignificance of what we are discussing here?

Dude, it’s not insignificant. When people think Tusk, they think two things: the DAH! and that he is a Conan “rip-off”. It’s his thing!

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Retro Tusk only DAH? maybe…

-We want the DAH, give us the DAH!

If they could give only retro Tusk the “Dah” line, then they could give classic energy sword sounds to Arbiter. Apparently though, according to the devs, not going to happen due to engine limitations because they can’t attach audio to certain accessories.

Still hope for Tusk to get the Dah though. :smiley:

Yess! Diiiieeeeegghhhh!!! was great along with the grunts and the DAH!

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Did Tusk ever get his “DAH” back? I can’t say I’ve heard it, but then I don’t play a lot of Tusk. What move does he say Dah with?

Sadly no.

Preetty sure its the shoulder rush move or something