Tusk & kim wu!

The designers might not know how to make hair especially like the awesome nariko In Heavenly Sword, but id expect a least a mass polygon like Mayas ‘hair’, a poseable shape that gives the illusion of hair, not the lettuce or pasta hair of 2013 Orchid and Sadira. Alternate Maya kinda missed the mark imo looks like worms i never select that, would like the longer one sided hair from KI2 byt the default is so good wish we could use all accessories with all heads and outfits

Hisakos hair looks much better, but as they wont fix the earlier ladies we can look forward to Joanna Dark who has short hair and tusk should have the same
Polygon Mass ponytail that default Maya possesses.

Tusk should be tan and if he has Thunders build and Mayas ‘hair’ we are safe!

Kim could have Hisakos hair mechanics but waiting to see

Joanna could have a helmet hair mass like retro Hisako


Cinder and TJ Combo are probably two fo the least used characters in the game. They just don’t resonate with KI players.

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but i think there is many people palyin them . for me thats just too complex with cinder tj im 50/50 because of design :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: but im poor with playin him tho :cry: :sweat_smile: