Tusk & kim wu!

Please u see tha man on the left ? yeah its me im tusk and i was from the KI2
all i asking for my return in this game is ( let my real killer character goin out , dont make me a little boy in S3 i need to comeback with all my virility body and deep voice too …
in the past peoples likes me for all thise. so respect my body please i dont need people to complaint about what they knew about me and brought them back to KI, with hope to see what they know from me.

in the past my size was the same as thunder some more bulked and muscularly defined.

for the rest do as u need cause we trust in ur team about gameplay, but please at last Observe what made my PERSONALITY!!!

Hello IG its KIM WU HERE , ive answered ur invitation to join the S3 cause i know u gonna bring me back with all the best things i could have .
as said my friend TUSK dont forget to definite my hairs too cause its a part alive of me. i need real hairs like HISAKO ( cause most characters from S1 and orchid don’t really have real hairs thats just a full one package over there :joy: lol) look at my gif on the left thats a old picture 20 years ago and my hairs was alive and moving as hisako. so i know u can do better.
for the rest I count on you to bring back the best of me and some improvement.:kissing_heart: kisss cutie

boths asking u to hold us brutality to fight!!!

@rukizzel @CStyles45 @TempusChaoti @TheKeits @SasquatchPotato @TotalJimkata


…I don’t see how this is a warning? More of a “Please keep them faithful to their archetypes.” which, as we’ve seen already with past characters currently in the game, MS has overseen great character creation (to the eyes of this beholder, but the majority of KI heads have agreed).

Concept art, I believe, is already done. Just need to see the finished product.

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thats exactly what u said man.( please keep them faithful to their archestypes)
cause when i see the jago ,orchid, sabrewulf hairs thats so ugly compared to hisako.
the wulf should have real hairs too… for the rest i dont gonna complain but the proper visual is important too;

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Lol. Trust me, I have complete faith in IG that Tusk & Kim’s Redesign will be amazing! I mean, look at Maya. GODLIKE Redesign from the original, so I have no doubt They will be EPIC.

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I hope they pull it off. Maya and Riptor kick ■■■, but TJ and Cinder are kinda bland. its 2/2 with IG’s redesigns for now (imo)

I think they’ll pull Kim just fine.
But Tusk… I’m nervous. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan. Just dont make him bland!


KIM wu i could complain only for the hairs . but tusk im affraid . we need a big boy with deep voice and brutal style as years ago.
look at cinder ( a childish style and a barbie voice) thats why im affraid tho

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same here im very nervous for tusk generale body :confused:

Let’s pray they don’t pull a Cinder on us. One of the most hyped characters of Season 2 essentially ignored by players because of an unappealing design and relatively complex gameplay mechanics.

TJ Combo is not far behind.


Man that old Kim Wu is super ugly, lol. Hope the new one isn’t.


loooooooll :joy: thats exactly what i was thinking on cinder. i was waiting him asf but when he came out i likes only the desing ( but nope the complex gameplay its too complicated for newcomer and even amateur)
for tj im 50/50 cause hes really beautifull :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i dont even play with him but hes really a good concept art to lookin at fight :kissing_heart:
but too complex for me too :cry:


looooooooooooolll ahhahahha :joy: i think we dont talk about the same kim wu . u played her surely in console ( where was low definition pixels :joy: ) im about arcade , and even she was made 20 years ago u cant even compare her to the actual orchid with a full package no alive hairs( see the complexity hehehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.) for ur hel here is two picture from the two girl so look at from urself .

there we go :slightly_smiling:

anyway i dont really complain with the actual orchid cause i just dont play her because of her style too masculine. i just play the retro orchid more feminine . and if u compare all 3 pictures u can noticed than 2 are from 20 years ago ( yeah man 20 years agos thise girls knew hair relaxer already :joy: :joy: :joy: for kim wu just a grand ma secret lol ) and orchid hairs too isn’t even comparable to the actual orchid hairs
and she was fare fare fare fare beautifull than the new one . thats just my way to see what made me hype years ago .:relieved:
please i need to know what u think about these 3 pictures :smiley: and remember thats 20 years ago ( no even mortal kombat had this high def design in the past !!!

OP reminded me of the only two characters I used to play back in the day. Thanks @shujinkodidier you brought tears to my eyes…

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hahahahhahaha i feel the same here man
@BoJima404 tho it was old school games but the definition was just wooowww. also donkey kong mades my days years ago.


Right Tusk! i dont EVEN care! Yes i love Tusk but he needs a redesign as bad as Maya in my opinion. The things that need to stay:


  1. The voice (deep)
  2. The move set
  3. Sword needs to be gigantic and we need normals crossup heaven lol
  4. Hes gotta be tonk. not as big as thunder (thunders taller) but more toned
  5. Some form of tatoo as orignal.


  1. Instinct Barbarian mode. Take Tusk super powered and much more primal

Kim Wu

  1. She needs to be Chinese
  2. needs to still be affiliated with the dragon
  3. She’s gotta be a red head and her hair needs to be animated to spin around her like fire (not this long but the movement is amazing:

4. keep her multiple fireballs.
5. needs to keep serious. Jago should envy her skill.


  1. instinct could be multiple hits (aka chun lik SF5)
  2. Darken her colours make he more real
  3. Fire ball combo linkers

good luck IG no pressure!

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I COMPLETELY understand the love everyone has for these characters, but the love that you guys have for them is making you go totally insane and EXTREMELY RUDE. I have seen topics like this all over the place, and they are slowly getting more and more aggressive toward IG. And now it’s gotten to the point that people are putting “WARNING TO IG” in the title? Who do you think you are? Are you going to burn their buildings down if they don’t make the characters exactly how you want? And why would you tag the usernames of all of the forums active staff? Do you really think they aren’t going to notice how crazy your title for the topic is?

Listen to me guys,
I am someone who never played KI1 or 2, so i don’t have the passion for these characters like you do, but i HAVE had that passion for other games, and i know what this “passion” looks like, so i can CLEARLY see how much it is controlling you guys and making you post things that are downright unacceptable. It’s totally understandable to expect IG to do a great job on the characters you love so much, but your nostalgia is blinding you guys to how absurd your requests are. It’s turning you guys into loud mouths who are going WAY over the line to get what you want.

Drop the nostalgia and think logically for a second:

Imagine the old character in your head. You can clearly see everything you love about the character. And you also have a list in your head of your “hopes” for the character. You have a countless number of ideas in your head about what you hope they change, what you hope they do something new and cool with, what you hope they dont bring back at all, what you hope they leave exactly the same, and what you hope they look like, what they sound like, how they move, how they play. BUT WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IS THAT EVERYONE ELSE’S LIST IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM YOURS! If the character comes out, and there is something they have that you don’t like, you must remember, there is probably someone out there who LOVES it and asked for it for forever on the forums. IG CANT MAKE EVERYONE’S DREAM LIST COME TRUE. Even if they put the characters out EXACTLY how they were before, SOMEONE is going to be mad.

You can dream all you want, but the s***posting needs to stop.

Threatening the developers and treating them like servants, just because YOUR nostalgia isn’t satisfied, is UGLY, DISRESPECTFUL, UNAPPRECIATIVE, and SHOULD result in a suspension from the forums.
but that is not my decision.

This post is not just for the Original poster of this topic, but for ANYONE who has done things similar.

@rukizzel @CStyles45 @TempusChaoti @TheKeits @SasquatchPotato @TotalJimkata
To everyone i tagged, Please forgive me for stooping down to the level of something i despise, but if he makes you read his post by using this tactic, you at least deserve to also know that not EVRYONE agrees with what has been said in this thread.

I know that this is a bold post, but i firmly back everything i have said.

(The OP has changed the topic title since this post.)


@MrxFlutterShy LISTEN CLOSELY!!!

first u come in a totally negative way. this thread was us hope and we already know its aint gonna change something from what IG need or gone to do. most of post here was about the little details who do big changes( as hairs, personality etc…) we didn’t even speak about the gameplay cause as it been said above we trust in IG for that . thats just we gonna like it or nope !!!

but the fact that u come turn it up like its was a hostility or disrespect to ig to IG team u are totally thoughtless , thats like a child who does not respect his parents but he depends on them( from there we cannot and never and ever disrespect or insult IG …

So @MrxFlutterShy next time if u have something or try to say , do it right dont try to turn peoples in a dumb orpoor way . we are no enemy to IG we are nope hostile to IG ( since your words let think so)

the fact i tagged the IG team was my right to do it and i dont see why u come play or talk about.!!!

that u dont like my thread i understand but at last have some respect for peoples who speak simply without disrespect Insults or inapropiates words.

know that makes me very angry. people who take all to negative without understanding, and tried to appears for an angel by denigrating others…

if we are here thats because we like this game!!! HOLD IT RIGHT!!!

this page start positively but you had to brings back your tongue snake…

to @rukizzel @CStyles45 @TempusChaoti @TheKeits @SasquatchPotato @TotalJimkata

this thread wasn’t something to disrespect or insult ur team since its appear like that to some people eyes. ive changed my title also and i think thats the last time ill tag ur team .:pensive:

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You said “WARNING TO IG” in your title.

that is crossing the line.

I am not saying anything more until a developer or moderator shows up. I will apologize immediately IF i am out of line.

woooowwww man u sell me dreams with this one :heart_eyes:

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haha thank you :smiley:

what s game is it from ? ill take a look on it daammm :heart_eyes: