Tusk is not Tusk anymore (from what I saw)

Ah yeah, I guess I didn’t originally equate Tusk not being Tusk anymore and the original post to him being destroyed in the later post, but I made the connection now. I stand corrected.

That was my first response. I was trying to be optimistic. But I have too much emotion invested in the character. My biggest hope is that the final polish or retro will bring my all-time favorite Fighting Game character back.

I keep having to remind myself of this.
Honestly I do look forward to the stream tonight. I’ll watch it and enjoy it. I know he won’t be fixed since it was confirmed it will be the same build as Feb 25, so I’m aware.
It’s not the end of the world. I’m pretty excited to dress him up and play him the way I want.


People saying “it’s stupid that Tusk yelled DAH all the time”, how do you feel about Jago shouting ENDOKU-ENDOKUKEN five million times per fight? it’s exactly the same.

How is that even a point against includin DAH?

I have my own theory about why DAH is not in the game, but I’ll keep it to myself because nobody was going to believe me anyways.

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You have been beating this drum for at least a year. Move on.

Stop staying stuff like this. You and the people defending your thread can’t keep telling everyone that they only disagree with you because they don’t want to see quality in the game. It’s offensive. And then you all carry on about why everyone is arguing with you. It’s because you say offensive, patently false things like this.

Anyone who disagrees that “Tusk is not Tusk anymore” is not some kind of hack who doesn’t care about the character. Tusk was my KI2 main, and believe me, I care as much about him as you do. Don’t tell me what I care about. That really pisses me off.

The new Tusk is, in my opinion, better than the old one. That’s not because I am willing to settle for less than you. It’s because the new character is ten times better designed than the original.

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But… There is a “DAH” in this new Tusk:


there is an abyss between DAH and DAH-ish (I can’t believe I just wrote that)

Man, that’s so unnecessary, stand your ground without resorting to ad hominem or just don’t post at all. I am pretty critical about the game sometimes, but resorting to personal attacks is a no-no.

You know, if the original moveset is what you wanted, you could just main Jago and get basically the same thing. (Not meant derogatorily – I main Jago too.)

But anyway, it’s not as though none of us have had adverse reactions to reworks of classic characters. I was disappointed at first by both of my KI1 mains, Riptor and Cinder. I came around on both of them to varying extents: I’ll main Riptor when they give me a couple more frames to link a medium manual off a medium linker, but I’m probably never going to learn Cinder even though I’ve come to admire what competitive Cinder players have been able to do with the character. But even at the time, when all I had were my disappointed first impressions to go on, I wasn’t making dumb proclamations about “real KI fans” like some people in this thread are.

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Can I just put this on the wall and frame it? I was a Cinder main in KI 1 and there were a lot of things I liked about Cinder that didn’t make the cut. I really liked his double flip kick ender. He doesn’t have it. Would I rather they included it? Yes. But that doesn’t mean I should run off and post a whole thread: “Cinder’s double flip kick - how come IG hates Cinder?!” and then doggedly follow it to inform anyone who thinks Cinder is okay that they must just not care as much about the character or the quality of the game as I do. Further, after getting Cinder to lvl 50, I am just not ever really going to gel with his playstyle. I am not a great juggler. I will never be doing some of the stuff that good/great Cinder players need to do. But that’s not a “quality of the game” issue.

These threads take a fair opinion: “I really wish character Y had X because I really liked X about them back in the original version.” and blows it completely out of proportion - turning it into an accusation instead of an opinion.

EDIT: @Kixmix
They make KI pajamas!!!

Whatever man. I will apologize for confusing you with the other guy who always claims there are two teams designing characters. I suppose I should have tried to look it up somewhere first.

As for the rest of it… Whatever.

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Emawk, probably. That crazy dude has been trying to build up a reputation on these forums as some sort of graphics connoisseur for the last year or so, based mainly on his observation that all the S1 dudes had thick builds and all the S1 girls had weird Barbie doll builds with missing ribs, so for CONSISTENCY all S2 characters should follow the same trend. Some of his posts are really wild in terms of faux-design theory and whatnot.

I’ve always loved the irony of people defending their right to an opinion only to proceed to shut down other people’s opinions a sentence later.

Well. That escalated quickly :open_mouth:

As a general note, people should refrain from making the nonsense leap that just because someone likes something about the game that you don’t that “they don’t like quality”. Taste and opinion vary considerably across the population.

What “makes” a character can be a variety of different things to different people. You’re free to dislike things about whatever rubs you the wrong way - but it’s silly to think that your opinion of what “makes” a character is definitive. I loved Tusk in KI2, but for me, Tusk was about a big-■■■ sword, being a back-facing character (which is pretty rare in fighters), and that stage theme. That doesn’t make me a greater or lesser fan of the character - it simply means we have different tastes.

Calm down people…it’s gonna be okay :slightly_smiling:

In fact Emawk simply tries to convey a simple opinion, which I agree with:

The art style of S2 is different from S1. I liked S1 better where everybody was more or less big and muscular.

Simple as that.

It’s simply that he goes to great lenghts to defend his position, but gets frustrated when people does not understand him, and then he goes full retard. It happens to me also.

Well actually I wasn’t even replying to you, I’m only offensive on those whos telling me that I just want the old Tusk back exactly like he was without even trying to understand the point…things like that and yes, otherwise I’m defending my point thats it.

After watching the stream, I can’t help but keep what I said, Tusk isn’t really Tusk anymore. Of course he kept his big body and his big sword. He lost a lot but at the sametime, he’s not far from a perfect returning character and I’ll tell you why.

In revenge, his voice is okay and it doesn’t sound weird in game actually.

Here is how I think it would have made the perfect comeback character:

-The roundhouse kick would easily replace the shoulder charge.

-I’m not sure if we saw every enders, didn’t seems to have much if yes but from what we saw, you can easily put a huge backflip ender, this is an ender so actually they can do whatever they want this is an animation, they made it look great 20 years ago, I think they can 20 years later…

Samething for the frontflip/backflip ender, or just a frontflip ender, he would have got one of each and in fact, they put it in, but for the ultra cancel…why not in a combo even if it’s not the final hit? This is the kind of stuff that I don’t understand.

-Didn’t heard it yet, but seems like they are trying to insert the ‘‘dah’’ in-game without being out of nowhere. Maybe that’s not the reason, but if they would have kept the roundhouse kick, it would had fit there pretty good like before and thats it.

-Leave the rest as is.

Like I said, he is not far from being a damn good comeback character who would have please the old fans of him and same for those who will like the new Tusk.

Everything that I suggest didn’t even change the actual gameplay or the mechanic, they are just a few things that will makes us(the one who used to liked him) remember the good old times but we could play him in the new mechanic of today. We are only talking about 2 enders and an opener/linker here.

For the rest, like I said leave it as is, they did well making him a good contender in the new KI and great job for that I think he will fit well.

Well, just for some perspective on the kick - we already have another thread claiming his shoulder charge is too similar to Glacius and therefore “lazy.” Imagine if he had a kick that looked essentially like Jagos.

You keep saying the same thing, and I gather that English is not your most comfortable language, but when you say “Tusk is not Tusk” it implies that his defining features have been removed. But then your complaints are for things that are not really defining features of the character.

They didn’t want to do the Sword straight out uppercut because it looks goofy. That’s what Keits said on the stream. You can disagree, that’s fine, but that is the reason they didn’t do it. Most of his other moves he actually has - they are just toned down a bit or included in different ways. I’m pretty sure he does his back kick during his skull crusher ender, for example.

His HK button looked like classic Tusk’s wind kick (or boot kick, I guess).

Interesting take considering that I responded to your exact words and made sure not to take them out of context.

I’m curious though, what words or phrases did I misconstrue? What meanings of your exact words did I misinterpret?

My goal was never to twist your words to suit my argument or turn you in to something negative, it was to hold up your exact words, to break them down without stifling their context and respond one by one to your ideas that I thought warranted it.

So tell me exactly what I distorted based on my responses to your exact words. Please, if I represented your opinions based on your exact words in an erroneous way, I’d appreciate it if you would correct me.

While you’re at it, do me a favor and please explain this statement, because it’s incredibly nebulous to me. What is “the KI feeling” and how is this KI missing it?

I see dark stages, familiar characters with looks and moves that conjure memories of the old titles without blatantly ripping them off, I see big combos, combo breakers, ultras, an awesome soundtrack and that booming KI voice while at the same time innovating on the mechanics and overall system and bringing the series out of the 90’s.

But aren’t those things I mentioned the hallmarks of the franchise? Is it fair to describe that as the “core” of the series by popular understanding of the past games?

What huge, important, core tenants are so neglected or so thoroughly absent that they lead you to say that this game, in spite of all it does have, is still missing the KI feeling?

Yes but his boot kick in different from Jagos. The shoulder charge is a new move and yes it’s a lot like Glacius. Do we have talked about it if they had bring back the boot kick? maybe yes, maybe no, we’ll never know.

I keep saying them because some doesn’t understand well and even if, people have their own idea, pretty hard to change that, specially when people doesn’t want to ear yours but that they comments (or complains) anyway.

I’m complaining about things who is missing and that I think they could have make it to the final version of the character. Now if you think that some signatures movelist isn’t a defining features of a character, that’s for you, this is not what I think.

Like I said, I can agree for the DP, but not for the ender, An ender is an animation, not a move that can come out of nowhere, you can make it look how the way you want, you can even create a move that will leads to that specific move to make it look good, don’t tell me it’s impossible.

You’re telling me that I keep saying the same thing and you didn’t read yourself. OK I agree some of my sentences isn’t perfect, sorry for that I’m doing my best, but that part was pretty clear in my last post (I think)

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