Tusk height

So now that we’ve seen a pic of him, how tall do you think he’ll be? I don’t think he’ll be 6’11" or around Glacius’ height but for sure think he’ll be 6’5"+(around or as tall as Thunder and Fulgore).

I hope he will be a tall hunk of a man, but maybe not as tall as Thunder.

I think he needs to be as tall as Thunder or a bit Shorter. Tusk was a BEAST in KI 2. Abs and everything! He hit like a truck too.

Thunder is 6’4". When you say “tall hunk of a man” makes me think 6’3"+. I think him being shorter than Thunder would be terrible.

Thing is, Thunder’s height is his thing! His tall and menacing look is part of his character, and he even looks a bit hunched over to strenghten that look.

If Tusk is taller than Thunder, then the point of having Thunder look like that kinda vanishes. Besides, Tusk has his enormous greatsword to intimidate with, so he doesn’t need to be as tall or taller than Thunder.

I did notice your post, Finch, and you’re right. Thunder being 6’4’’ is true, and Tusk was 6’11’’ in KI2…
It kinda surprises me that Thunder isn’t taller though… on screen, he looks so big! I mean, 6’4’’ is indeed tall, but I seriously thought he would be taller.

Anyways, I still think Tusk should be a bit shorter. Maybe just an inch or two, but if he is standing straight up, he would still appear as tall, maybe a bit taller, than Thunder. And like I said, if Tusk holds his greatsword like he did in KI2, he would appear beastly with only Aganos looking taller.

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You didn’t notice jack

If he’s a God, so it will be.

But he’s not a god… at least not unless IG retcons him into one, but he never was in KI2.

Sorry, mind was wondering off right there.

But yeah, if they keep his height to as tall as he was in that game. I’m cool with it. Be interesting to see how it works when we see him.

Anything less than 6’4" on Tusk is gonna ruin him for me. I know most men 6’6"+ aren’t handsome like Tusk so it may be out with what’s realistic but I think making him 6’5" shouldn’t be a problem to me.

i had the same feeling as you when i saw that teaser . but i think we have to wait till we see the complete character accoast another one like glacius or thunder . cause when i saw that teaser i feel like it was a dwarf . ( sadly sayin but its just a feeling i hope nope ) cause hes legs where too short to me. he has to be very tall . and for sure taller than thunder. (otherwhise its gonna be the twice come back im gonna wait the retro version. :disappointed_relieved: .( the new kim wu for me = no sorry :fearful: that bruce lee face ?) im just wait to see tusk than il now. anyway im happy with arbiter :heart_eyes: (someone i didndt even awaited)

They made Tusk REALLY tall, might even taller than Thunder. Though it wasn’t what I initially wanted, I am quite happy with the result. ^^


Agree! Don’t think he’s as tall as Glacius though but yes.