Tusk ground impale nurf

Even though I think that Tusks damage output & his speed is crazily rediculous, the issue that I’m having with Tusk is his ground Impale attack. We all know that it’s really easy to break, the Impale attack has cost me lots of matches just off of a Combo Breaker alone. I think that his Impale attack should not allowed for free damage after a successful combo breaker, it’s an automatic k.o. if your life bar is about 4%. Am I the only one who thinks Tusk gets away with this Impale free damage?

What makes it any more unfair than every Projectile Character forcing you to take 5% chip with fireballs at crunch time resulting in death?

And if you do fall down during a combo-breaker can’t you quick rise and punish Tusk’s skewer?

Funny thing about the quick rise if you time it bad you rat j.HP instead. Which hurts considerably more.

Ironically tusk has better set ups than skewer at certain distances.

The only way I ever landed a J.HP is if my opponent is sleeping or they didn’t know it can cross up. I got caught people with sweeps and grabs and back stabs into Skewer then after that they might actually be hit by a j.hp because they whiffed a grab or something.

I’d have to find/edit the vids but I have actually skewered people on the ground as they rose mid skewer and get slapped with the j.hp instead.

Can they block that?

I just think it’s cheap that Tusk is the only character that’s able to attack off of a Combo breaker he’s already OP as is. If the opponent breaks your combo with Tusk they can instantly perform a Shadow attack or impale before you can even get off the ground after the combo break. I just think it’s super cheap and should be removed.

Uhh, this isn’t a thing that happens. Combo breakers do not knock down unless you combo break from the air, in which case you are in soft knockdown and Tusk can’t get skewer.

Not entirely sure what you’re talking about with the shadow attack either.


I know i said this 3 post ago. Idk why people get hit by skewer after combo breaker.

Did you experience this as well?

Did i experience getting stabbed in the gut after a combo breaker? Nope. I mean Im usually Tusk in my Tusk battles and people dont quick rise at all. Cr.HP is not a hard knockdown, f.mp is not a hard knockdown, j.hp is not a hard knockdown. However sweep and throws are and I guess they feel like they all are when they get hit by such.

I don’t know what they’re talking about getting skewered after combo breaker. I’ve NEVER seen that.

Either way, you can use Skewer after a j.HP.

In fact, j.HP is super effective in that it’s perfect follow up to the Immortal Spirit ender. I do it if I think the opponent will grab once they recover. I never even considered it as a cross up, lol. That makes it even more useful.

But yeah, this garbage that Tusk is OP… Clearly played against a Tusk, never played as him. He does good damage, yes… REALLY good damage. But he gets VERY few opportunities to open up his opponent.

I used j.HP into skewer everytime i land it but I thought they could quick rise and they just didnt rise so I douple tapped lol.

I’ve gotten 3 stagger enders in a Row like yesterday; and when you get two in a row I end the third ender oppertunity with hard knockdown ender. With that you can charge up your Volcano Stab to near max charge if not max and bam another full combo. Smh Tusk can get real powerful outta no where some times.

P.S. Two Far-F.MPs in one combo has been done by this guy. -points at self-

I’ll be honest, I CAN do those combos… I’ve got a few that are quite nifty. That said in a match, I almost always go for an Immortal Spirit into shoulder or the slide. I don’t know why, it just happens. Lol.

Poor Tusk… first patch and already all these nerfs :frowning:

The only “nerf” which really has relevance to this thread is skewer not working on dead opponents, and since the only thing this really affects is killing TJ during last breath I don’t think saying poor Tusk is warranted.

Half his normals are openers in 3.1 patch which means he’s the only character whom can be broken after landing just one hit. Everyone else is 3 hits before break. Thats Nerf City.

That’s not relevant to skewer discussions though. It is also incorrect, as:

  1. anyone who uses an opener as a first hit has the next hits be breakable
  2. Tusk isn’t the only person with normals that are openers, Spinal and Shago also do off the top of my head.
  3. Tusk still has normals which aren’t openers and so can follow the “breakable after 2 moves” rule.

They say nerf, i say mind games.

Largely it depends on how the timing is.

But I can see getting counter broken happen very frequently.

Assuming opener means Tusk can cancel them into autos then this is a very fair change.

I don’t agree Tusk needed to be nerfed but I think constant-two-way interaction is an important part of the meta that comes before balance.

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He can’t cancel into autos or linkers, it will be like Shago’s b+hk.